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An SDL remake of the early-90s tank game "Tunneler"
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This project is a slightly modernized version of a 1991 DOS game called Tunneler, by Geoffrey Silverton. This port is powered by SDL, and licensed under the GPLv3.

For a little bit of context, check out the 'tunneler' tag on my blog:


This thing needs CMake to configure, a Make-like program to compile, and the SDL libraries to run, so make sure you have all of those...

To test this program out, cd into this directory, and run:

cmake . && make && ./tunneltanks

To install, run:

sudo make install

To return the project to it's pristine starting state, run:

make dist-clean

That command may need to be run as root if you did a make install, since make install also needs to be run as root and may leave a root-owned file in the directory. You can blame CMake for this inconvenience...

Also, this project has some packaging targets, so try:

  • make package-tbz2 to make a binary tar.bz2,
  • make package-deb to make a debian package file, and
  • make package-rpm to make a RPM package file. (Requires rpmbuild.)

##Android Build (Experimental, and probably out-of-date...)

If you wish to compile the Android port of this project, then first make sure that you have both the Android SDK and NDK downloaded, extracted into directories, and that the SDK's root directory and the NDK's "tools" directory are both in the current $PATH. Then, cd into the android subdirectory and run the script. That will compile everything needed, and assemble the resulting debug apk's in the bin subdirectory.

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