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Jest snapshot serializer that beautifies HTML.
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A Jest snapshot serializer that beautifies HTML.

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When using this Jest serializer, it will turn any string starting with '<' to nicely indented HTML in the snapshot.

This serializer is based on diffable-html which is an opinionated HTML formatter that will ease readability of diffs in case of failing snapshot tests.


Add the package as a dev-dependency:

# With npm
npm install --save-dev jest-serializer-html

# With yarn
yarn add --dev jest-serializer-html

Update package.json to let Jest know about the serializer:

"jest": {
  "snapshotSerializers": ["jest-serializer-html"]

Vanilla JS Example

test('should beautify HTML', () => {
  expect('<ul><li><a href="#">My HTML</a></li></ul>').toMatchSnapshot();

Will output:

exports[`should beautify HTML 1`] = `
    <a href="#">
      My HTML

Vue.js component output example

import Vue from 'vue';
const Hello = {
  props: {
    msg: {
      type: String,
      default: 'World'
  template: `
    <h1>Hello ${ msg }!</h1>
    <ul id="main-list" class="list"><li><a href="#">My HTML</a></li></ul>

test('should beautify HTML', () => {
  const Component = Vue.extend(Hello);
  const vm = new Component({
    propsData: {
      msg: 'You'



Will output:

exports[`should beautify HTML 1`] = `
  Hello You!
<ul id="main-list"
    <a href="#">
      My HTML

You can read more about the HTML formatting here.

Special thanks

This package was inspired by the amazing post here: Jest for all: Episode 1 — Vue.js by Cristian Carlesso.

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