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HTML, or Hypertext Markup Language, was primarily designed to provide a means of creating structured scientific documents. HTML can embed scripting languages such as PHP or JavaScript to affect the behavior and content of web pages. The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) maintains both the HTML and CSS standards.

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vdegove commented Mar 19, 2020

For now, there is no mention of Webpack in the official guides – neither on edge guides – except for Ruby on Rails 6 release notes and upgrade guide. The documentation of the Webpacker gem is quite good, but a newcomer to Rails wouldn't know at first that he needs to have a look to it.

Specifically, it would be good to have a mention of Webpack in the following guides:

  • The Asset Pipeline
laszukdawid commented Aug 4, 2019

This is about the Docs.

Overview of the problem

This is about the Bulma CSS framework
This is about the Bulma Docs


Docs keep on saying "Import only what you need from Bulma" but I cannot find any explanation what files c

lydell commented Mar 22, 2020

Now that Prettier 2.0 has been released with its improved CLI, I think we should add a section do the docs showing a recommended example setup.

  1. Recommend using an editor extension that lets you run Prettier from your editor. Link to popular extensions. Maybe add some tips on how to configure for example prettier-vscode.
  2. Recommend adding an empty ({}) .prettierrc.json to signify to edit
fvsch commented Apr 22, 2016

It's probably worth expanding on the script element.

At the very least I'd mention that <script src="..."></script> blocks content rendering while the script loads and executes, and add a non-blocking example with <script async src="..."></script>.

The scope of this project is not to explain every feature of each element that can go in <head>, but for important features it's probably a goo

andylieonian commented Nov 8, 2018

,getPath = function(){
var jsPath = doc.currentScript ? doc.currentScript.src : function(){
var js = doc.scripts
,last = js.length - 1
for(var i = last; i > 0; i--){
if(js[i].readyState === 'interactive

dandv commented Jan 6, 2020
const XLSX = require('xlsx');

const wb = XLSX.utils.book_new();

const ws = XLSX.utils.json_to_sheet([]);

XLSX.utils.book_append_sheet(wb, ws, 'Bug sheet');

ws.A1 = { t: 's', f: 'square' };

XLSX.writeFile(wb, 'formula.ods');

The resulting .ODS file contains:

<table:table-cell table:formula="of:=square" office:value-type="string"><text:p>undefined</text:p></table
nukem7673 commented Mar 18, 2020


Stumbled across this in the documentation while going through the 'Quick Start' guide. Link provided to see all (HTML?) attributes leads to Github page with a message stating the documentation was moved.

Page with broken link:

I'd imagine this is an easy fix, but just wanted to highlight the href value needs updated.


carolstran commented Dec 5, 2019

👋 Sorry I know I'm ignoring your well-thought-out template, but hear me out...

I noticed that there are a couple of instances of words like "simply" in your documentation. Unfortunately, words like this can make people feel frustrated and isolated while reading - especially if they are facing issues.

If it's alright with your team, I'd like to take a shot at updating the content to make

jonaspetersorensen commented Apr 23, 2020


  • A-Frame Version: <script src="../../../dist/aframe-master.js"></script>
  • Platform / Device: Windows, Google Chrome Version 81.0.4044.113
  • Reproducible Code Snippet or URL:
    All of the text demos linked in components/text

Error message:

Uncaught TypeError: navigator.xr.requestDevice is not a funct
MikeKovarik commented Mar 9, 2019

I'm submitting a feature request

  • Library Version:
    aurelia-script 1.3.1

Current behavior:
If you make a typo, or on this case I forgot to add async to a function, you get a long but useless stacktrace pointing to inside of aurelia but nowhere in the stack trace does it give me any clue of what view, class, file is at fault. I've had this issue for years, ever since Aurelia w

hason commented Jun 6, 2019

I want to use ReLaXed with remote chromium to reduce docker image size. It is posible with browser options --remote-debugging-address and --remote-debugging-port ( It would be great add CLI options for puppeteer (especialy for args option).

MichielDG commented Mar 13, 2020



Development Environment

Chrome 80.0.3987.132

Current Behavior

Write a description of the current operation. You can add sample code, 'CodePen' or 'jsfiddle' links.

// Write example code
Go to section
* [Hello](#hello)  
* [Hello World](#hello-world)
* [Another section](#new-section)    <-- it's called 'Another section' in this list but refers to 'New
oldani commented Feb 18, 2019

If you're using proxies with requests-html and rendering JS sites is all good. Once you render a website pyppeteer don't know about this proxies and will expose your IP. This is an undesired behavior when scraping with proxies.

The idea is that whenever someone passes in proxies to the session object or any method call, make pyppeteer also use these proxies. #265

Created by Tim Berners-Lee

Released June 1993

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