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Can I run raylib in my old PC?

Yes, you can. raylib comes compiled by default for OpenGL 3.3 backend but it can be recompiled for older OpenGL versions! It can be recompiled for OpenGL 1.1 (1997) and OpenGL 2.1 (2006). To do that using Notepad++, just follow this steps:

  1. Open file C:\raylib\raylib\src\core.c
  2. Execute Notepad++ script: raylib_source_compile but choose the desired OpenGL API version:
  1. Open any raylib example or your raylib game
  2. Execute Notepad++ script: raylib_compile_execute

Note that above process only needs to be done once, if at some point you need to change OpenGL version again, just repeat that process.

What are the default paths?

Like any other library or project, a raylib project requires different dependencies placed accordingly for a correct compilation. It means external library headers and, eventually, some static library.

Dependencies depend on platform, so every platform requires some libraries installed in an specific folder to be accesible for the compiler when compiling raylib or a raylib example/game.

Specific dependencies installation is listed for every platform on this Wiki. Actually, there are not many external dependencies for raylib, only a couple (GLFW3, OpenAL Soft) and only in some platforms.

On Linux, both the make and cmake build systems install libraylib and raylib.h to /usr/local/lib and /usr/local/include, respectively. If you want to customize these locations, inspect the appropriate Makefile or CMakeLists.txt.

What are the dependencies on Windows?

For Windows platform, raylib is distributed with a self-contained installer that includes, not only raylib but also a raylib-ready-configured free text editor (Notepad++) and a C/C++ compiler with tools (MinGW).

Notepad++ comes with a bunch of pre-created scripts ready for compiling a raylib project and raylib source for different platforms. Those scripts assume that raylib is installed in the portable folder path: C:\raylib

In some cases, it could happen that user decided to move that folder to somewhere else; in that case, raylib paths need to be reconfigured, just updating the RAYLIB_PATH variable at the beginning of every script.

As a recommendation, if you move C:\raylib folder to somewhere else, try to avoid spaces and special characters on the new path, it could generate errors on compilation.

For command-line compilation and custom pipeline configuration, just check Compile for Windows wiki.

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