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npcx - npc spawngroups

Test Jar:

Implements everquest style npc spawngroups and allows you to make 
persistent npcs/rare npcs spawn around your map. Npcs will also fight 
back if attacked and even talk on right click.

Version 0.01 - Got a basic implementation going
Test Server:


# Commands

All of the following commands will list syntax to more subcommands:

 * Op only! *

/npcx spawngroup
/npcx npc 
/npcx pathgroup
/npcx loottable
/npcx faction
/npcx merchant

# Installation Steps

The following guide is intended for junior server admins and you should understand the nature
of system administration and configuring services. If not, then you might have significant issues 
with this plugin and I would recommend you look for another plugin instead.

If you are currently having someone else manage your server for you then do not attempt this guide,
 and certainly don't come asking us for help. Educate yourself, or refer it to someone who knows how 
 to perform the very basic steps of setting up mysql for your platform.

I'm not going to show you how to use mysql, answer the same question that is answered a three posts before 
or covering questions that you should know as a server admin - I _really_ don't find this enjoyable use of 
my free time and certainly didn't have this in mind when sharing my plugin - i just made it for my server 
and thought some others might want to use it for whatever purpose.

Since the time I released this I have had many questions from people who seem to think they employ 
me and that it's acceptable to flame me or my plugin because of their lack of skill. 

This is not what a developer likes to read when he flicks through his thread over a coffee in the morning
so think twice before giving someone abuse over something they provided for free.

So in short, if you lack the skills for basic linux or windows server administration, databases, reading
logs etc... close this plugin now.

Finally, I am not a java developer, nor a developer by trade. I simply picked up java while messing
around with hmod (mixxitplugin) and a bit more while tinkering with npclib for bukkit which this
mod is extended from. Also this is a very early product, so expect many bugs (post on our github issue tracker)
and is probably also heavy on performance. If you want an example our test server is a 2gb machine with around 
120 npcs active at once without an issue - so just keep in mind that each npc you add the more cpu/mem/swap
the server will require.

Ok now that that's over and done with here are the steps you need to get setup and running:

Step1 - Install MySQL and create database and user account

A) Install MySQL Server (probably minimum 5.1) on Windows or via your repo manager on linux or finally
via source (yes you should know this)

B) (Windows) Install MySQL WorkBench to create databases and new accounts on windows
(see below for more info)


B) (Linux Hosted and Windows Command prompt) Use the mysql command line
(see below for more info)

- Using MySQL Workbench on Windows to create - 
Login to MySQL Workbench as the root user you created when installing MySQL Server
create a new database called 'npcx'
create a new user called npcx with the password 'p4ssw0rd!' - assign this user ALL privileges to the npcx database


Create a new database in MySQL Workbench
In work bench create a new connection on the left under SQL Development using your user/pass (probably root) then on the top left click Add Schema, just name 'npcx' then press Apply

Create a new user in MySQL Workbench
Now come out of SQL Development and go to the right of workbench and into Server Administration, connect again using the details above and click Users and Privileges on the left - now click Add Account in the bottom left and fill in the details : npcx for the username, p4ssw0rd! for the password and then press Apply

Now goto the schema privileges tab above select npcx on the user list on the left and click Add Entry click Schemas matching pattern or name and select npcx, press OK

- Linux using mysql command line to create -
from linux shell:
mysql -u root -p
CREATE USER 'npcx'@'localhost' IDENTIFIED BY 'p4ssw0rd!';

Install the mysql connector for npcx

Create a bukkit/lib folder if you dont have it
Extract the mysql connect jar file from the following zip file):
Copy the JAR file (mysql-connector-java-5.1.6-bin.jar) from inside the zip into your bukkit/lib folder.

Most people don't actually read this sentence and decide that they are quite happy with whatever
mysql files they have in their lib folder. Don't assume!


Add npcx.jar to your bukkit/plugins folder


If your world name is different to 'world' you will need to now close bukkit, 
edit your file and change world to the correct worldname


Launch bukkit and login as an Operator

People still ask me why they can't access /npcx ..

Step 6
Begin creating your first spawn group at your location with

/npcx spawngroup create myfirstgroup     <--- creates a spawngroup called myfirst group
Now create an npc called Guard
/npcx npc create Guard      <----- creates a guard called Guard
Now add guard's id to your spawn group number
/npcx spawngroup add SPAWNGROUPID(NUMBER) NPCID(NUMBER)   <--- adds npc ID (number) to spawngroup ID (number)

Guard should now spawn permanently at the spawngroups location.

Right clicking will begin (T) chat with him. Moving out of range or right clicking him again will end chat.

To have him respond to words or change his default response, weapons etc see the /npcx npc commands

Using NPCX

Resetting NPCX
The official way of resetting npcx and its database is by removing the npcx folder in your plugins directory 
- on next launch this will wipe your database tables and start from fresh. This is the best way to 
upgrade between revisions at the moment. If you want to move over old npcs and data you are completely 
responsible for this (although a very easy task for a junior server admin)

Will there be another way of doing this in the future? Probably not, you'll need to build your own
solution to this if this becomes a regular thing although I don't generally change the database 
schema that often.

Creating Spawngroups

Spawngroups are placed at any X Y Z co-ordinate and contain a group of npcs. Any one of them could spawn. Spawngroups can also be empty. They are the basis for static npc spawning.

Add npcs to the spawngroup by using the /npcx spawngroup add command. An npc out of this group will now spawn at the designated position.

/npcx spawngroup create spawngroupname <----- Adds a new blank spawngroup container at your position
/npcx spawngroup add spawngroupid(NUMBER) npcid(NUMBER) <------ Adds an npc to the spawngroup container
/npcx spawngroup list - lists all spawngroups

A spawngroup is like a container. It contains many npcs and any one of them could spawn randomly. If you placed just one npc in the group only one npc would spawn. This allows you to create 'rare' npcs by having lots of the same npc in a container and then 1 rare.
Spawngroups need to be assigned to a location, which is assigned based on the admins location. Once assigned that group will spawn in that location and remain stationary

If a path is assigned to the spawn group, the npc will follow the path continuously after spawning

Once an NPC in a SpawnGroup dies a new npc will be chosen out of the spawn group to spawn in its place after a default set time (ie 20 minutes) at the location of 'spawngroup place'

todo: functionality
adds an npc to a spawngroup with a chance to spawn percentage
move spawngroup spawn at your location
assigns a path to the spawngroup

Creating NPCs

/npcx npc create name <---- Creates a new npc (that needs to be added to a spawngroup)
/npcx npc list <---- Lists all npcs (this needs to support querying by name output limits)
NPCs are just that, definitions of the mob you want to appear in game. There can be multiple of the same. They are temporary and do not return after death.

An npc can be in many spawngroups, for example if you wanted a custom npc called 'Thief' to spawn in several locations you would put the npc into many spawn groups
Npcs have chat responses attached to them that allow them to offer quests and have alternate greeting messages.

In the future these npcs will support npctypes which determines how the npc will respond to 
right click, attack, etc events

ie for: bankers, normal npcs, merchants etc
Also loottables will be assignable

todo: functionality
creates a new npc with name

Adding NPCs to containers

/npcx spawngroup add spawngroupid(NUMBER) npcid(NUMBER)

get these from spawngroup list and npc list

Quest System / Chat to NPCs


Right clicking an npc sets it as your chat target. You can say anything to the npc using the usual (T) chat command.

The npc will then run this text through myNPC.parseChat()

You can get an npc to respond to triggerwords with predefined responses which admins will be able to attach to an npc using slash commands such as 'Hello' responding with 'Hello, do you want to help with a [quest]' which leads onto the next chat response of 'Quest'

/npcx npc triggerword add NPCID(number) wordtorespondon responsegoeshereandcan have spaces
Adding a new triggerword called 'default' to an npc will override the npcs default response to unknown questions

/npcx npc triggerword add NPCID(number) default My default response!
Note: An npc without any triggerwords will respond with 'Im sorry name im rather busy right now'
Note: you cannot talk to temporary 'spawn' npcs as they have no responses configured

Variables as Triggerwords
Added 'EVENT_DEATH' - Triggers when player kills an npc
Added 'EVENT_KILLED' - Triggers when npc kills a player
Added 'EVENT_DEATH' - Triggers when a player bounces an npc
Added 'EVENT_CLOSE' - Triggers when a player becomes close to an npc
Added 'ATTACK' - Triggers when an npc becomes attacked by a player

Events in responses
Added 'NPCSUMMONPLAYER' event to triggerword responses <--- Summons player to npc
Added 'NPCSUMMONZOMBIE' event to triggerword responses <--- Summons one zombie at npc
Added 'NPCATTACK' event to triggerword responses - <--- Forces npc to attack player
Added 'NPCSUMMONWOLF' event to triggerword responses - <--- Summons one wolf at the npc

/npcx npc triggerword add NPCID(NUMBER) TRIGGERWORD NPCATTACK <--- attacks based on triggerword
- then the npc will attack when spoken to.

Or a scenario like this:
/npcx npc triggerword add NPCID(NUMBER) default Dont call me an idiot <--- when a player says anything it will return Dont call me an idiot
/npcx npc triggerword add NPCID(NUMBER) idiot NPCATTACK <--- when a player says idiot it will attack him

Chat Variables in responses
Added 'bankbalance' -Placing the text bankbalance in a triggerword reply will have the NPC respond with the players bank balance
Added 'playername' - Placing the text playername in a triggerword reply will have the NPC respond with the players name
Added 'playerbalance' - Placing the text playerbalance in a triggerword reply will have the NPC respond with the players bank balance

NPC Merchants

Similar to chat, npc merchants can be accessed by right clicking the npc and taking to them.

Merchants can also be configured with custom triggerwords, just like a normal NPC

To change an npc from a normal type into a merchant type
/npcx npc category NPCID(number) merchant   <--- Transforms the npc into a merchant
Begin talking to the npc to buy and sell from it

To load it with items as an admin create a merchant list

/npcx merchant create merchantlistname  <---- creates a merchantlist named whatever
add stuff to it like goldingots (id 266)
/npcx merchant add MERCHANTID(NUMBER) ITEMID AMOUNT PRICETOBUYAT PRICETOSELLAT <---- adds an item to a merchant list

Attach the merchant list to an npcID
/npcx npc merchant NPCID MERCHANTID(NUMBER) <---- attachs a merchantlist to an npc

NPC Combat

Npcs will currently engage in combat and chase anyone that attacks them. When they die, they will be gone forever unless a spawngroup respawns them.
Npcs will also attack nearby monsters
Need to add loottables to onnpcdeath and perhaps an area of effect 'panic' that will request other npcs around it come to its aid
Also need to implement factions to cause a permanent faction hit for a player when murdering an npc

Making NPCs attack players

First create a faction with a baseamount of anything lower than -1000

/npcx faction create -1000 Bandits
Get the faction id with
/npcx faction list
Assign the faction to the npc, his faction will now be aggressive to anyone by default and he will now attack players.
/npcx npc faction FACTIONID(number)
Adding loot to NPCs

First create a loottable with a name to describe its content
/npcx loottable create banditloot

Now get the ID of banditloot
/npcx loottable list
Now assign an item to the loottable
* Reference here: *


Now assign the loottable to the npc
/npcx npc loottable NPCID(number) LOOTTABLEID(number)

Path Groups - (WIP)


Path groups are containers of path locations assigned to SpawnGroups. They are used to determine the route of an npc after it spawns

Create a pathgroup container
/npcx pathgroup create Name

/npcx pathgroup list

to get the ID
Stand where you want position 1 to be

Stand where you want position 2 to be

Then assign the path to a spawngroup


This section of the mod is a toggleable option that allows players to purchase areas of the game and protect it for themselves.  My hope with this extension is to allow players to buy town guards, shops they can load with items and also other features like a research/tech tree that players can work on to unlock new features.  

Because this mod has always been about bots it's important to note that this option is false by default. Protection is a big thing for any server admin and I am currently only running this on my server. If you want to try it out feel free but by no-means don't drop your tried and trusted protection system for this one.

This option is enabled via the file


This enables players to purchase areas of the world for themselves and grant other players to build in it.

If you do not have iConomy installed, it will fall back on the internal NPCX economy that the bots and banker events use

To compliment this area of the mod you may find the following settings useful

nocreeper=true - no creeper explosions
nowild=true - no building in the wild <-- needs to be tested
nospread=true - no fire spread or lighter usage

/civ buy - buys a land area for 25000 coin
/civ add playername - adds a new player to your land area
/civ balance  - returns your iconomy balance or npcx balance
/civ here - returns the name and location of the area you are standing in 
/civ abandon - abandons the area returning 5000 coin
/civ pay playername amount - pays playername amount

Op Commands
/npcx civ givemoney playername - adds money to player
/npcx civ money playername - returns playernames balance
/npcx civ unclaim - unclaims an area

Reporting bugs

Support is provided for the latest version of NPCX listed on github. If you have issues you
must post the problem in the issue tracker after reading this file and the thread for existing


Q It doesnt work

A Delete npcx

Q I'm having trouble with this plugin with Citizens, DwarfCraft etc...

A This plugin has only been tested with itself and a few other plugins such as Towny
It is likely those other plugins are making use of a different version of npclib and 
sadly we don't support this at the moment, delete npcx or the conflicting plugin

Q Where can i get this for CB Version XXX

A You can't it's only supported by the RB listed in the thread topic. If you get this from anywhere
but the official github url then congratulations you probably just installed someone elses plugin
riddled with trojans.

Q Why does /reload duplicate my npcs

A Its not supported yet

Q Do you support uquest, pluginx, pluginy etc...

A Is it written in the readme?

Q How do I set permissions?

A You don't! You just give OP access to anyone you want to use the NPCX command. Why? Cause it's still
early in development and we don't want anyone but skilled server owners from using this on their server

Q Any chance of sqlite in the near future?

A No sorry, no plans to implement this at all

Q How can i choose the exact skin I want to use for my npc?

A You can't, however - if the skin is already attached to a same named minecraft player then it will use it

Q How do i remove Npcs?

A You use the npcx spawngroup delete command

Q How do I see help for a command like how do I change npcs armour and weapons? 

A See /npcx npc

Q How much land is claimed by the /civ buy command?

A 16x16

Q My npcs dont show weapons but I have given them one

A You need to give the npc a helmet, this is a bug

Q Can i set unlimited items on a merchant?

A Yep! Set the /npcx merchant category to nolimit

Q Does this plugin work with iconomy?

A If it's the version we built with and it's currently installed, it will use it. If not it will fall back on npcx's economy

Q How do I enable civs?

A Open NPCX.PROPERTIES file and change nations=false to nations=true

Q How do I wipe my database

A The correct way is to delete the npcx folder

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