Java/JavaScript based Music Server supporting remote control and streaming of MP3 and FLAC files
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Java/JavaScript based Music Server for Home Use

The purpose of this project is to provide a Music Server that can be used in a home environment to play music 
files (mp3 and flac format) and control them via a browser or mobile (iOS/android) based user interface. It also can 
stream your music files to your iOS/android device (Using HTML5 audio tags)

It is built as a JEE Web Application using the following frameworks/technologies

1) For the UI Dojo Toolkit 1.7.1 ( + Zazl Optimizer (
2) For playing MP3 files jlayer (
3) For playing FLAC files jflac (

Quick Start

Prereqs :
A 1.6 java runtime
A JEE WebContainer such as Apache Tomcat or Jetty. 

Download the musicserver.war file from the downloads page 

Copy the WAR file to your WebContainer webapps directory (or however the WebContainer expects it 
to be deployed).

Start up the WebContainer and access the desktop User Interface via http://hostname:port/musicserver/desktop.html

First Time configuration :

You will be prompted to provide 2 configuration locations.

1) The path to your music collection. It can be a Windows UNC path for an network path. 
2) The path to a directory that will store the music information database.

If using Jetty you will need to ensure that a work directory is created in the Jetty root directory. 
This will ensure the configuration file is saved between server restarts

Other URLs:
2) http://hostname:port/musicserver/mobile.html for the mobile (iOS or android) remote control
3) http://hostname:port/musicserver/stream.html for the iOS/android streamer

Known Issues

1) iOS devices cannot autostart tracks in the playlist. 
2) Streaming is unreliable in devices running versions of iOS less than 5