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Alloy UIKit

A draft UIKit for Alloy inspired by Square UI - http://designmodo.com/square/

Quick Previews:

http://www.screencast.com/t/W68yBrcP http://www.screencast.com/t/e3tjeNmyCy


  • Titanium and Alloy
  • Latest version of Alloy from Github (as of 3/29 you'll need to pull from master since that has support for selecting sub controllers in a widget).

Things to Note

alloy.js - override

You'll notice that this file overrides the default createWidget method. This is to allow for styling outside of the widget like styling from an app level .tss file or a theme folder. Widget style overrides are namespaced with uikit_styles.

Styling Widget Examples:


Alloy.createWidget("uikit", "someWidget", { uikit_styles: {} });

TSS: <Widget id="myWidget" src="uikit" name="textfield" />

"#myWidget": {
	uikit_styles: {
		// Any UI elements in the widget can be targeted here
		textfield: {
			width: 300,
			top: 5,
			bottom: 5,
			left: 0,
            hintText: "overriden textfield",
            backgroundColor: "#111",
            color: "#eee"

You can see more examples in the /app/folder

Talking Points

I'm not completly happy with how some of this is implemented. I like how easy it is for the user (e.g. <Widget id="spinner" src="uikit" name="spinner" />) but allowing for dynamic styling and toggling styling inside the widget is a pain (e.g. https://github.com/rblalock/alloy_uikit/blob/master/app/widgets/uikit/controllers/spinner.js). I've taken a few test approaches in the widgets thus far so there is not one set way to create a widget for UIKit yet (I'm still working on it).

Maybe a better way for styling is allow for config.json to have a UIKit style object. If anyone has ideas on how to best manage this so it's still easy for the developer while being easy to maintain...I'm all ears.