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Nikola Appliance


This Dockerfile creates a sandboxed, runnable Nikola environment based on the latest official Arch package produced by the Nikola team. This works in docker even if your host system is not running Arch.


This is tested with the following software:

  • Nikola 7.7.2
  • docker 1.8.0 (running on Ubuntu 14.04)

Since it's main dependency is docker, it should run on any platform with docker installed (e.g. Windows, OS X). It may or may not work with earlier versions of docker. To install docker on your system, see the official docker installation instructions.


To build the docker image:

$ docker build -t rbrewer123/nikola

You can see your new image with this command:

$ docker images

Grab the go script from github like this:

$ git clone

Now update the docker_nikola/nikola script to use your correct username, uid, group, and gid. This avoids problems with files being owned by root or other permissions problems that often occur when using docker in this manner.


To run nikola from within the container, simply run the nikola script:

$ docker_nikola/nikola help


The only limitation I know of so far is using Nikola`s deploy command. I'm using Nikola with Amazon S3, and the s3cmd I use to deploy my site is not within the Nikola container. Since it's a single command to deploy my site, I have that within a separate shell script.