💫 A starting point for React JS Projects consuming Nebula-CSS
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Nebula-CSS & React + ES6 + Webpack Starter Project

  • Starting point for a ReactJS project that consumes Nebula-css
  • Minimal & easy to extend / customise to your own needs.
  • Uses babel-env preset and Autoprefixer to ensure targeted browsers are supported. the default for this project is
    "last 2 versions", "ie 9-11"
    These can be re-configured in your .babelrc and webpack-config.babel files.

Get Started

  1. fork / clone this repository
  2. npm install OR yarn
  3. npm start OR yarn start to start the Webpack Development Server
  4. npm run build OR yarn build for production build

Note This is a very minimal starter pack, you are encouraged to add in your own preferred unit testing framework, linting etc. If you are importing images or SVGs, custom fonts you will require the appropriate Webpack-loaders.