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* driftnet.h:
* Pick out images from passing network traffic.
* Copyright (c) 2001 Chris Lightfoot. All rights reserved.
* Email:; WWW:
* $Id: driftnet.h,v 1.13 2004/04/08 23:06:29 chris Exp $
#ifndef __DRIFTNET_H_ /* include guard */
#define __DRIFTNET_H_
#define PROGNAME "driftnet"
#include <sys/types.h>
#include <sys/socket.h>
#include <netinet/in.h>
#include <arpa/inet.h>
#include <sys/time.h>
#include <stdio.h>
# include <stdint.h>
/* alloc_struct S P
* Make P point to a new struct S, initialised as if in static storage (like
* = {0}). */
#define alloc_struct(S, p) do { struct S as__z = {0}; p = xmalloc(sizeof *p); *p = as__z; } while (0)
/* enum mediatype:
* Bit field to characterise types of media which we can extract. */
enum mediatype { m_image = 1, m_audio = 2, m_text = 4 };
#define NMEDIATYPES 5 /* keep up to date with media.c */
/* struct datablock:
* Represents an extent in a captured stream. */
struct datablock {
int off, len, moff[NMEDIATYPES], dirty;
struct datablock *next;
/* connection:
* Object representing one half of a TCP stream connection. Each connection
* maintains a record of the data which has been recovered from the network
* and a list of blocks of data which represent valid data in the buffer, so
* that if there is a gap in the received data, we don't search it for
* data. */
typedef struct _connection {
/* Source/destination address/port of this half-duplex connection. */
struct in_addr src, dst;
short int sport, dport;
/* The TCP initial-sequence-number of the connection. */
uint32_t isn;
/* The highest offset and the buffer size allocated, and the buffer
* itself. */
unsigned int len, alloc;
unsigned char *data;
/* Flag indicating that we've seen a FIN-flagged segment for this stream,
* so that it is undergoing a shutdown. */
int fin;
/* The time at which we last received any data on this stream. */
time_t last;
/* A list of the extents in the buffer which contain valid data. */
struct datablock *blocks;
} *connection;
/* driftnet.c */
char *connection_string(const struct in_addr s, const unsigned short s_port, const struct in_addr d, const unsigned short d_port);
void dump_data(FILE *fp, const unsigned char *data, const unsigned int len);
/* connection.c */
connection connection_new(const struct in_addr *src, const struct in_addr *dst, const short int sport, const short int dport);
void connection_delete(connection c);
void connection_push(connection c, const unsigned char *data, unsigned int off, unsigned int len);
connection *alloc_connection(void);
connection *find_connection(const struct in_addr *src, const struct in_addr *dst, const short int sport, const short int dport);
/* media.c */
void connection_extract_media(connection c, const enum mediatype T);
int is_driftnet_file(char *filename);
/* util.c */
void *xmalloc(size_t n);
void *xcalloc(size_t n, size_t m);
void *xrealloc(void *w, size_t n);
void xfree(void *v);
char *xstrdup(const char *s);
unsigned char *memstr(const unsigned char *haystack, const size_t hlen, const unsigned char *needle, const size_t nlen);
#define TMPNAMELEN 64
#endif /* __DRIFTNET_H_ */