A ready-made Django project that helps you get working on your application.
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Django Baseline

Django Baseline is a ready-made Django project that eliminates the boilerplate.

Getting Started

Clone this repo with your desired project name:

git clone git://github.com/rca/django-baseline.git myproject
cd myproject

The bootstrap script will rename the baseline remote repo to baseline so that origin is left open for your project. It will also create a virtual environment using virtualenvwrapper if it's available, otherwise in the venv directory, create a secret key file as a seed for Django's crypto functions, create a localsettings module, which enables debug, and sync databases for local development.

Developing your app

Create your application:

django-admin.py startapp myapp
git add myapp
git commit -m'Added django app, "myapp"'

Application Settings

Create myapp/settings.py and myapp/urls.py with your application's custom settings. Then create baseline/local_settings.py and baseline/local_urls.py to tie them into the application.

Any sensitive data, such as passwords, should not be kept in settings files that end up in the repository but rather in environment variables. Any environment variable that starts with DJANGO_ will be automatically added to settings with the prefix removed. For example, DJANGO_FOO will end up being FOO in Django's settings.

For development, you can add these to your environment before running django, or add the variables to your application's settings.py.

Run your application

Run your local server and access your site at http://localhost:8000/

python manage.py runserver

Happy Hacking

You're on your way. If this is your first time diving into Django take a look at its excellent documentation at https://docs.djangoproject.com/en/1.5/