🖥️📱 React Image Gallery Carousel. Awesome Slider is a 60fps, light weight, performant component that renders an animated set of production ready UI image and media gallery sliders.
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React <AwesomeSlider />

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react-awesome-slider is a 60fps, extendable, highly customisable, production ready React Component that renders a media (image/video) gallery slider/carousel.

Basic usage

react-awesome-slider demo react-awesome-slider demo

Scale-out and Fold-out animation recipes

react-awesome-slider demo react-awesome-slider demo

Touch enabled

react-awesome-slider demo

Live demo

Checkout the CSS customizer at my portfolio


npm install --save react-awesome-slider


yarn add react-awesome-slider


Basic usage with and plain CSS

  import AwesomeSlider from 'react-awesome-slider';
  import 'react-awesome-slider/dist/styles.css';

  const slider = (
      <div data-src="/path/to/image-0.png" />
      <div data-src="/path/to/image-1.png" />
      <div data-src="/path/to/image-2.jpg" />

Basic usage with CSS Modules

  import AwesomeSlider from 'react-awesome-slider';
  import AwsSliderStyles from 'react-awesome-slider/src/styles.scss';

  const slider = (
    <AwesomeSlider cssModule={styles}>
      <div data-src="/path/to/image-0.png" />
      <div data-src="/path/to/image-1.png" />
      <div data-src="/path/to/image-2.jpg" />

Key Features

  • Look and feel customisable and extendable via SASS and CSS Variables (custom-properties) (scss main file)
  • Media pre-loader
  • Touch enabled
  • 60fps animations
  • Animated transition recipes
  • Extendable via custom plugin HOC components

Main Props

Attributes Type Default Description
className string null Add a className to the component container
cssModule object null CSS Module object if you choose to use this styling approach
name string awesome-slider Unique name of the rendered slider. Useful if you're navigating between multiple pages that contains a slider component.
selected number 0 Sets the current active/selected screen
onFirstMount function null Runs on componentDidMount passing the slider reference as an argument
onTransitionEnd function null Runs on at the slider transition end event passing the slider reference as an argument
onTransitionStart function null Runs on slider transition start passing the slider reference as an argument
startupScreen node null Set's the startup screen element to be shown before the first screen is loaded


If you have an idea for a missing feature or animation just craft your own hoc feature or animation style and send it up via PR to the src/components folder.


Rafael Caferati


MIT. Copyright (c) 2018 Rafael Caferati.