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Robert Cambridge

Looking for work in Amsterdam from January 2019.

"he really gave it 110% and was critical to the project's success" - Eaden McKee

"highly skilled, battle-tested and a great team lead and mentor" - Saemie Chouchane

"one of the most naturally talented programmers you'll meet" - Jamie Learmonth

"a major advocate for best practice and code reviews" - Christopher Hooks

Self-educated software engineer. Javascript specialist, experienced in React and node.js. Passionate about beautiful, readable, scalable code.




Contract Javascript Developer, Ace & Tate [10/2018 - 12/2018]

  • Dockerised services and implemented continuous integration+deployment pipeline to AWS via CircleCI
  • Provided critical guidance and improvements for the e-commerce checkout experience
  • Created high impact interactions in react-native with careful attention to user experience cost
  • Built nodejs caching layer to mitigate data acquisition failures from third parties
  • Rebuilt parts of the react application to gain confidence by way of thorough unit testing

Contract Javascript Developer, Tweag IO (Gain Theory) [03/2018 - 07/2018]

  • Rebuilt client-facing data visualisation tools in reactjs/redux using d3 and recharts
  • Understood and wrote software to parse the client's data structure in nodejs with SVO-based ACL
  • Created technical documentation for these tools to reduce cost of introducing future developers
  • Collaborated with external design team to come up with fluid user experiences
  • Implemented various custom data visualisation interactions from scratch
  • Installed frameworks for and diligently maintained unit+integration tests
  • Dockerised all services

Contract Javascript Developer, Boston Consulting Group ( [07/2016 - 02/2018]

  • Single-handedly created a web scraping framework in a Chrome extension, now a major part of this client's product and intellectual property value
  • Researched and architected data structure to store consumer billing data
  • Dockerised services to retrieve billing data periodically and automatically
  • Provided documentation and trained developers to use scraping framework
  • Provided accurate resourcing estimates for stakeholder visions and epics
  • Architected and wrote user stories for new features, and executed them as lead of a small agile team
  • Produced and implemented tracking strategies to follow and improve billing data accuracy
  • Achieved and repeatedly exceeded improvement targets for data accuracy and acquisition efficiency
  • Implemented features and fixed bugs in the react-native iOS+Android consumer-facing app
  • Collaborated in pairs on golang and ruby backend services

Contract Web Developer, Web Technology Group [01/2016 - 06/2016]

  • Developed new features for a web-based document management intranet
  • Implemented CMS-like flexibility to accommodate any shape of document
  • Gained commercial front end experience in reactjs/redux

Contract Web Developer, Arcadia Group [08/2015 - 12/2015]

  • Joined the front end development team working on leading UK retail brands' ecommerce sites
  • Developed new features in a modern architecture and fixed bugs in legacy code
  • Created reusable logic across the 8 retail sites whilst retaining brand identity

Contract Web Developer, Square Enix [03/2015 - 06/2015]

  • Continued development of new features on free-to-play video game website
  • Created a single consolidating avatar provider microservice
  • Iterated authentication library to support new major features retaining backwards compatibility

Contract Web Developer, Expedia [12/2014 - 02/2015]

  • Delivered features and fixes on the internal analytics/reporting intranet site
  • Wrote unit tests for all new code
  • Refactored non-standard API into organised RESTful endpoints
  • Implemented MVP (presenter) architecture to abstract business logic from API URLs
  • Rewrote the ACL to use permission-based authorisation with hierarchy and groups

Contract Web Developer, Square Enix [05/2014 - 10/2014]

  • Delivered the website for a major free-to-play video game from greenfield to production
  • Created a cross-domain consumer authentication library for company-wide roll out
  • Worked with operations team to setup and troubleshoot deployment
  • Worked with API developers to plan and create scalable RESTful interfaces
  • Introduced peer review processes (pull requests) which were adhered to throughout
  • Implemented website asset bootstrap and caching strategies

Lead Web Developer, Sportlobster [01/2014 - 03/2014]

  • Led a team of 3 developers amongst a greater product delivery team of 18
  • Reviewed submitted code, mentored team when solutions didn't meet highest standards
  • Built solutions for the more difficult problems that the team faced
  • Brought structure where there was chaos by implementing JIRA and providing support

Web Developer, Boxlight [10/2010 - 12/2013]

  • Architected, developed and deployed hundreds of web applications for clients
  • Implemented mobile and responsive layouts for many of the applications
  • Used web optimisation techniques for fast page loading and rendering
  • Created a base project and modular toolkits to speed up development which are still in use today
  • Carefully handled mission-critical production servers holding big data
  • Used test driven development methodology

Worked with agencies such as adam&eveDDB, LBi and Hangar Seven for countless brands including P&G, Unilever, Phones 4u, Volkswagen, McDonald's, NSPCC, Warburtons, Cravendale, TK Maxx, Subway, Halifax and Wonga


Agile, almond, Amazon AWS, Apache, Babel, backbone.js/backboneJS, bash, BEM, BDD, Bower, Docker, ES6, ES7, express.js/expressJS, expressJS, Facebook SDK, Facebook API, git, Go CI, Google Maps API, Grunt, HTML, Instagram API, Jenkins, jQuery, Karma, LDAP, LESS, Linux, Lodash, Marionette, mocha, MongoDB, MVC, MySQL, nginx, node.js/nodeJS, npm, phantom.js/phantomJS, PhantomJS, Rackspace Cloud, ReactJS, redis, redux, require.js/requireJS, Responsive, REST, SASS, SEO, TDD, TeamCity, Twitter Bootstrap, Twitter API, underscoreJS/underscore.js, UnderscoreJS, UNIX, Vagrant, Zepto