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Yaki - A fast, powerful filesystem-based wiki

Deprecation Warning:

This is being superseded by yaki-tng, which is a nearly complete re-write atop Bottle.


This was the second public release of Yaki (the first was in Google Code, and is long obsolete).

Yaki is a filesystem-based wiki that is used as the underpinnings of The Tao of Mac (and a few other sites that started using the initial release).


  • 100% pure Python, with extensive UTF-8 support
  • Entirely self-hosting, running atop a modified Snakelets application framework
  • Completely filesystem-based (pages are stored on a directory structure, not a database)
  • Heavily optimized HTTP processing:
    • Pages are pre-processed to HTML
    • HTML and other internal info are stored in a single-file cache, a la Haystack
    • Everything is served via sendfile(2) calls whenever possible
    • Uses every HTTP caching trick in the book to minimize actual page hits
  • Completely markup-agnostic - all the internal processing relies on Beautiful Soup, and it ships with support for:
    • raw HTML
    • Textile
    • Markdown
  • Any markup engine that generates HTML can be added, and markup can be defined on a site-wide or page-per-page basis
  • Has all the usual features, like:
    • Page aliasing
    • Interwiki
    • RecentChanges
    • etc.
  • Has a number of unusual Bliki features, like a blog-like home page, linkblog support, and the SeeAlso table at the bottom of each page.
  • Supports full-text indexing and search using Whoosh


  • Python 2.6 (2.7 will work just as well, and 2.5 may work with minimal tweaks)
  • That's it.


Yaki is released under the MIT License. Some third-party libraries in the userlibs folder are licensed differently and are included merely to ease deployment.

The Twitter Bootstrap HTML+CSS which is used as the default theme is licensed under the Apache License v2.0.


The Snakelets application server was originally developed by Irmen de Jong, and as far as I know this is the only publicly maintained version of it.