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exerstack is a bash tool to test each of the python command line clients from the core OpenStack projects (glance, nova, swift, keystone, horizon)

Basic usage [release] [tests]


will run all tests that exist in the exercises directory against the default release (as defined in the top of the script), unless skipped in testmap.conf essex-final

will run all tests that exist in the exercises directory, unless skipped in testmap.conf essex-final

will run all glance tests that are valid for the essex-final release, unless skipped in testmap.conf

Files - main script
exercises/* - each script in here defines a set of tests for a particular client
exercises/include/* - supporting files for some of the tests
testmap.conf - defines the tests you would like to skip, and the conditions under which you want to skip them
openrc - defines global environment variables
localrc - (optional) defines your own overrides for environment variables in here - gets called by openrc

configuring testmap.conf

testmap.conf can skip entire test sets (an entire *.sh file in exercises/), or individual tests within a test set. Since OpenStack releases are alphabetical, it uses lexical comparison to see if a release is 'older than' or 'newer than' the one specified in the skip condition (ie diablo-final is 'older than' essex-e2 because d comes before e in the alphabet)

The structure of a skip condition is as follows:

[test_set:optional_test_name]="condition (<=>) release : message


[keystone-manage]="< essex-e4 : keystone-legacy was replaced with keystone-ksl in essex >= e4"

skips the entire test set for any release that is 'newer than' essex-e4.

[glance:011_glance_delete-TOKEN]="< essex-e3 : glance token auth works on essex < e3"

skips the test '011_glance_delete-TOKEN' within the test set, for any release that is 'newer than' essex-e3