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RCBot2 for Windows and Linux (TF2, HL2:DM, DOD:S)


This is a fork of Cheeseh's RCBot2 repository. This aims to build on top of it to add features along with possible stability fixes. Note that this is mainly intended for TF2.




Make sure you have Visual Studio 2013 installed. Other than that it should compile fine, even with the latest Visual Studio 2017.


  • Go to linux_sdk
  • make -f Makefile.rcbot2 vcpm
  • make -f Makefile.rcbot2 genmf (this will generate the Makefiles)
  • make -f Makefile.rcbot2 all -j4 And a RCBot2Meta_i486.so should appear in the folder.

Make sure to check out the bots-united.com discord for support and to stay updated.