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Fellow Oak DICOM for .NET

NuGet Build status Stories in Ready Join the chat at [//]: # ( NuGet Pre Release )


  • Targets .NET 4.5 and higher
  • DICOM dictionary version 2015c
  • High-performance, fully asynchronous API
  • JPEG (including lossless), JPEG-LS, JPEG2000, and RLE image compression
  • Supports very large datasets with content loading on demand
  • Image rendering


File Operations

var file = DicomFile.Open(@"test.dcm");

var patientid = file.Dataset.Get<string>(DicomTag.PatientID);

file.Dataset.Add(DicomTag.PatientsName, "DOE^JOHN");

// creates a new instance of DicomFile
file = file.ChangeTransferSyntax(DicomTransferSyntax.JPEGProcess14SV1);


Render Image to JPEG

var image = new DicomImage(@"test.dcm");

C-Store SCU

var client = new DicomClient();
client.AddRequest(new DicomCStoreRequest(@"test.dcm"));
client.Send("", 12345, false, "SCU", "ANY-SCP");


var server = new DicomServer<DicomCEchoProvider>(12345);

var client = new DicomClient();
for (int i = 0; i < 10; i++)
    client.AddRequest(new DicomCEchoRequest());
client.Send("", 12345, false, "SCU", "ANY-SCP");

C-Find SCU

var cfind = DicomCFindRequest.CreateStudyQuery(patientId: "12345");
cfind.OnResponseReceived = (DicomCFindRequest rq, DicomCFindResponse rp) => {
	Console.WriteLine("Study UID: {0}", rp.Dataset.Get<string>(DicomTag.StudyInstanceUID));

var client = new DicomClient();
client.Send("", 104, false, "SCU-AE", "SCP-AE");

C-Move SCU

var cmove = new DicomCMoveRequest("DEST-AE", studyInstanceUid);

var client = new DicomClient();
client.Send("", 104, false, "SCU-AE", "SCP-AE");



This library is licensed under the Microsoft Public License (MS-PL). See License.txt for more information.

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