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Legacy rollup for Backdraft 1.x

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This is an archive of a rollup of version 1.x of the Backdraft framework. It has been completely replaced by Backdraft 2.x.

See for the new framework!

ALTOVISO Open Source Project Rollup

This is a rollup of all ALTOVISO open source projects and requisite libraries those projects depend upon. It includes:

  • backdraft -- the backdraft browser application framework.
  • bdLoad -- the backdraft AMD Javascript module loader.
  • bdBuild -- the backdraft Javascript build / optimizer program.
  • bdParse -- the backdraft Javascript parser.
  • bdRead -- the backdraft API reader.
  • dojo -- the Dojo Toolkit (usually a version in trunk and not a released version).

Since several these libraries are inter-dependent, this rollup provides an easy way for potential adopters to quickly and easily download everything needed to experiment. Please refer the the respective project pages for more details and the authoritative repositories.


Legacy rollup for Backdraft 1.x






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