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Use map tiles with Google Maps Javascript API v3

Basic usage

Create new Basemap object with the reference to your google.maps.Map object as a single parameter (example). This will overlay "geolandbasemap" or "bmaphidpi" layers (if retina display is detected) over standard MapTypeId.ROADMAP as well as "bmaporthofoto30cm" and "bmapoverlay" above MapTypeId.SATELLITE and MapTypeId.HYBRID respectively. You can switch between layers using standard Google Maps type control. Due to "bmaporthofoto30cm" layer being composed out of JPG tiles, you'll see gray area around austrian borders. The map will be also locked withing borders of Austria according to EPSG:31297 bounds.

Custom layers, overlays, what have you

There are 5 tile layers available:

  1. geolandbasemap - standard layer (redish)
  2. bmapgrau - a color variation of the standard layer (grayish)
  3. bmaphidpi - retina version of the standard layer
  4. bmaporthofoto30cm - satellite imagery
  5. bmapoverlay - transparent layer with labels meant to be used as overlay above satellite imagery.

To use as a map type:

map.mapTypes.set('Basemap', new google.maps.BasemapMapType('geolandbasemap'));

("Basemap" will be used as a label for map type selector control)

To add as overlay to any other map type:

map.overlayMapTypes.push(new google.maps.BasemapMapType('geolandbasemap'));

For further reference, please see Google Maps API docs.

Usage policy map tiles are licensed under Creative Commons license. Be sure to include the link to as their usage policy requires.


Use map tiles with Google Maps Javascript API v3



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