No frills deployment of MySQL on Vagrant using Ansible.
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Vagrant MySQL-box

This is a no frills MySQL box. I use it for development, particularly when I'm hosting the server runtime on my local machine (whether it be Node, Python or Golang).

Note: This uses Ansible as the provisioning technology. You will need that installed because it does not come with Vagrant (sorry).

Update July 19, 2014

I've updated this install script to use the latest version of MySQL. Legally, you need to go accept the Oracle "Terms of Service" for MySQL here: I'm serious about this. I have no right to distribute MySQL (it's Oracle product). Please note that you have been warned!

Assuming you have done accepted the terms of service, these scripts will automate the install.

MySQL Info

Username: root

Password: password

You can change this by modifying the playbook.yml. If you do change the password, remember to update the my.cnf file as well.

The test database is also removed, and IPTables is turned off. I'm using this in a private network on my local box and don't need much security.