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@rcmaehl rcmaehl released this 07 Jul 22:10

There is a known issue with this build that prevents CSV files from outputting correctly. Please use this build until is released comes with the following changes:

  • Updates Processor List
  • Fixes Intel Processors WMIC Values
  • Minor Graphical Layout Improvements
  • Added Exception for "RDP Display Adapters"
  • Reduces FileWrite calls when Outputting Results
  • Adds Ability to Skip Specific Checks using /skip or /sc
  • Improve Feature Update Compatibility Results on Windows 11

Command Line Switches

Below are the available command line switches and their details:

Switch Parameters Description Added
* filetype
* filepath
Exports requirement check results to a file of a certain format:

* CSV: Comma Separated Values, will append without headers to an existing file if one exists.
* TXT: Plain Text File, will always overwrite existing files
- Ignores any OS Environment Incompatibilities, useful for WinPE and other Environments 2.4.1
- Checks TargetVersionUpgradeExperienceIndicators Registry Entries for Feature Update Compatibility instead of Windows 11 Compatibility 2.6.1
- Displays a help dialog, then exits. Can NOT be used with any other switch 2.4.0
- Does not display the GUI but still runs checks and returns an Exit Code. Exit Code can be obtained using:
(Start-Process WhyNotWin11.exe -PassThru -Wait).ExitCode
* checkname Skips specific checks based on Comma Separated Check Names:

* Arch: Skips Architecture Check
* Boot: Skips Boot Method Check
* Config: Skips Configuration Related Checks (Boot+Disk+Secureboot)
* CPU: Skips All CPU Checks (CPUCompat+CPUCores+CPUFreq)
* CPUCompat: Skips CPU Compatibility Check
* CPUCores: Skips CPU Core Count Check
* CPUFreq: Skips CPU Frequency Check
* DirectX: Skips DirectX and WDDM2 Check
* Disk: Skips Disk Partition Type Check
* Hardware: Skips Hardware Checks (Arch+CPU+DirectX+RAM)
* RAM: Skips RAM Installed Check
* SecureBoot: Skips Secure Boot Check
* Storage: Skips Storage Check
* TPM: Skips TPM Check

Skipped Checks will Return True in File Outputs
* buildtype (optional) Downloads the latest of a specified build:
* Release: Default if no buildtype is specified
* Dev: Latest version automatically compiled based on github commits.

System Requirements

  Minimum Requirements Recommended
OS Windows 8.1 Latest Windows 10 Build
CPU 32-bit Single Core 64-bit Dual Core or Higher
RAM (Memory) 40MB Free 100MB Free
Disk (Storage) 5MB Free 100MB Free
Limitations DirectX 12 Check Inaccurate None

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