File explorer made with shell script。
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File explorer with preview, made with shell script.



On Mac, you can install the script by Homebrew:

$ brew install rcmdnk/rcmdnkpac/shell-explorer

You can also use an install script on the web like:

$ curl -fsSL| sh

This will install scripts to /usr/bin and you may be asked root password.

If you want to install other directory, do like:

$ curl -fsSL|  prefix=~/usr/local/ sh

Or, simply download the script and set where you like.

⚠️ Install sentaku, too if you download directly.


Start shell-explorer

Explore current directory:

$ se

Start from given directory:

$ se $HOME/my_dir/

Give the list from stdin:

$ echo file1 file2 file3|se

Show the content of the file in the right (give -r if SENTAKU_CONTENT_SHOW is set to other than 1.):

$ se


Show the content of the file under the list:

$ se -u


If you don't want to show preview, use -n.


$ se -h

Usage: [directory] [-aruvC]

   -a         Show hidden files/directories.
   -r         Show file content in the right.
   -u         Show file content under the list.
   -d         Show contents of the directory.
   -D         Do not show contents of the directory.
   -n         No preview.
   -C         No confirmation at deletion.
   -h         print this help and exit.

Usage during explorer

  • sentaku actions (vim like movement, emacs like movement):
Key Action
n(any number) Set number. Multi-digit can be used (13, 320, etc...). Used/reset by other key.
k/j, C-p/C-n Up/Down (if n is given, n-th up/n-th down).
gg/G Go to top/bottom. (If n is given, move to n-th candidate.)
C-a/C-e Go to the beggining/end.
C-u/C-d Half page down/Half page down.
C-b/C-f Page up/Page down.
M-v/C-v Page up/Page down.
C-i/C-o Move the item up/down.
q, C-x Quit.
Space Select/unselect current line for multi-selection. At Emacs mode or search mode in Vim mode, it selects when space is pushed twice.
C-s Start/Stop Visual mode (multi-selection).
v Visual mode.
Esc At search mode, first Esc takes it back to normal mode with selected words. Second Esc clear search mode. Visual mode is cleared by first Esc.
/ Search.
  • shell-explorer actions:
Key Action
l Show contents of selected files with $VISUAL (or less).
e Edit selected files with $EDITOR (or vi).
s Show details of selected items with ls -l.
d Delete selected items.
p Exit and print selected items' full paths.
c Change to a directory under the cursor. (No action for a file.)
Enter If an item under the cursor is a directory, move to it. Otherwise same as l.

Environment Variables

Name Description Default
SENTAKU_CONTENT_SHOW 0: No preview, 1: Preview in the right (-r), 2: Preview under the list (-u) 1
SENTAKU_SHOW_DIRECTORY_CONTENT 0: No preview for a directory. 1: Show directory content as preview. 1
SENTAKU_FILE_CONTENT_LINES Number of lines of content to be shown. (Only for -u mode) 10
SENTAKU_EDITOR Editor to be used by e. $EDITOR (or vi if $EDITOR is not set)
SENTAKU_VISUALAPP Viewer to be used by l $VISUAL (or less if $VISUAL is not set)
SENTAKU_CONFIRM If 1, se will ask a confirmation at deletion. 1
SENTAKU_START_DIR= Starting directory in case of no files/directories inputs. Current direcotry (.)