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A project tracking dashboard for Rensselaer Center for Open Source


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A project tracking dashboard for Rensselaer Center for Open Source. A ground up rewrite.

Working to replace a system with these features. See our planned feature set.


Observatory is a powerful dashboard tracking open source projects and contributors that are built through Rensselaer Center for Open Source. The current implemenation can be seen in action at We are a highly active community of open source developers that attend school at Rensselaer.

Key Features Include

  • Project Tracking
  • Individual Progress reports
  • Attendance system for users
  • Information gathering and blog platform for projects

Getting Started


npm install -g grunt-cli grunt bower


  1. Run npm install to install server dependencies.

    if you have errors running the above, try:

    sudo chown -R $USER ~/.npm
  2. Run bower install to install front-end dependencies.

  3. Run docker-compose up -d to start a MongoDB instance.

    This also starts a Mongo-Express admin interface available at http://localhost:8081.

  4. Run grunt serve to start the development server. It should automatically open the client in your browser when ready.

    Grunt will run the server and make the project available at http://localhost:9000.

Build & preview

Run grunt build for building and grunt serve for preview.

Seeding the Database

Run grunt seed to seed (populate) your mongoDB with dummy data


Running npm test will run the unit tests with karma.

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