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CryptoCompare is a static website that compares cryptocurrency prices for popular currencies.

It uses plain old HTML, Javascript, and CSS to render a very simple, one page application that shows you:

  • The top 10 cryptocurrencies by market cap
  • All cryptocurrency prices over the last hour, day, and week

This is useful for people interested in speculating on the cryptocurrency marketplaces, as you can take a look at short term performance to get a feel for how you'd like to speculate.

website image

Technical Details

This application is built with plain old HTML and Bootstrap for CSS. I'm also using a Bootstrap theme called Simplex which makes things look a tiny bit better.

The Javascript part of the site is powered by Vue.js, a very simple Javascript framework.

I'm also using:

  • vue2-filters, a simple Vue.js library that provides some useful template filters for displaying text. In this app, I only the filter for helping to display currency values nicely.
  • axios, a simple Javascript library for making HTTP requests

Finally, the data on this website is powered by two separate, free, API services:

  • coinmarketcap, which provides a list of the top 10 cryptocurrencies, and their price details, and
  • cryptocompare, which provides metadata about all cryptocurrencies, including their respective logo images (which is what I use this for)


A static website that compares cryptocurrency prices for popular currencies.




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