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JupyterLab + Binder


JupyterLab is packaged with Binder repositories by default. In order to run a JupyterLab session, you have two options:

Start JupyterLab after you start your Binder

Do the following:

  1. Launch a Binder instance (e.g., by clicking the Binder badge)
  2. Replace tree at the end of your URL with lab.
  3. That's it!

Create a Binder link that points to JupyterLab

You can also create a Binder link that points to JupyterLab by adding the following to the end of your link:


You can point to a specific file using JupterLab by including a file path beginning with tree/ to the end of urlpath, like so:


For example, the Binder badge above goes to the following URL:

Note: this repository also installs several JupyterLab extensions via a postBuild script, allowing you to use JupyterLab's extensions and widgets functionality.

For a more complete demo of JupyterLab using Binder, see the JupyterLab Demo.

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