A Python library for the Rdio Web Service API
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A Python OAuth 2.0 library for accessing the Rdio Web Service API. Includes a command-line tool for making API requests

The command-line tool is called rdio-call:

% rdio-call get -i keys=t7609753
    "status": "ok",
    "result": {
        "t7609753": {
            "baseIcon": "album/6/8/a/000000000009ba86/square-200.jpg",
            "canDownloadAlbumOnly": true,
            "artistUrl": "/artist/Mogwai/",
            "duration": 303,
            "album": "Hardcore Will Never Die, But You Will",
            "isClean": false,
            "albumUrl": "/artist/Mogwai/album/Hardcore_Will_Never_Die%2C_But_You_Will/",
            "shortUrl": "http://rd.io/x/Qis2Qto",
            "canStream": true,
            "embedUrl": "http://rd.io/e/Qis2Qto",
            "type": "t",
            "price": "0.99",
            "trackNum": 1,
            "key": "t7609753",
            "icon": "http://media.rd.io/album/6/8/a/000000000009ba86/square-200.jpg",
            "canSample": true,
            "name": "White Noise",
            "isExplicit": false,
            "artist": "Mogwai",
            "url": "/artist/Mogwai/album/Hardcore_Will_Never_Die%2C_But_You_Will/track/White_Noise/",
            "albumKey": "a637574",
            "artistKey": "r80466",
            "canDownload": true,
            "length": 1,
            "canTether": true

The library is just called rdio. It include an Rdio class and a few exception classes:

>>> from rdioapi import Rdio
>>> state = {}
>>> r = Rdio(CLIENT_ID, CONSUMER_SECRET, state)
>>> from pprint import pprint
>>> pprint(r.get(keys='t7609753'))
{u't7609753': {u'album': u'Hardcore Will Never Die, But You Will',
              u'albumKey': u'a637574',
              u'albumUrl': u'/artist/Mogwai/album/Hardcore_Will_Never_Die%2C_But_You_Will/',
              u'artist': u'Mogwai',
              u'artistKey': u'r80466',
              u'artistUrl': u'/artist/Mogwai/',
              u'baseIcon': u'album/6/8/a/000000000009ba86/square-200.jpg',
              u'canDownload': True,
              u'canDownloadAlbumOnly': True,
              u'canSample': True,
              u'canStream': True,
              u'canTether': True,
              u'duration': 303,
              u'embedUrl': u'http://rd.io/e/Qis2Qto',
              u'icon': u'http://media.rd.io/album/6/8/a/000000000009ba86/square-200.jpg',
              u'isClean': False,
              u'isExplicit': False,
              u'key': u't7609753',
              u'length': 1,
              u'name': u'White Noise',
              u'price': u'0.99',
              u'shortUrl': u'http://rd.io/x/Qis2Qto',
              u'trackNum': 1,
              u'type': u't',
              u'url': u'/artist/Mogwai/album/Hardcore_Will_Never_Die%2C_But_You_Will/track/White_Noise/'}}

The Rdio object has methods begin_authentication, complete_authentication and logout to do OAuth authentication.