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@@ -15,6 +15,21 @@ your own words to the default word list.
* Checks documentation for pages, classes, modules, methods, constants, etc.
* Prints a report showing each misspelled word and correction suggestions
+== Problems
+rdoc-spellcheck depends on aspell for which development has ceased despite
+messages to the contrary. I've submitted two pull requests to the
+hunspell-ffi gem that should allow it to become a usable replacement for the
+raspell gem. (The currently released hunspell-ffi does not appear to support
+private or session dictionaries.)
+For some projects it seems there are too many false positives for names and
+programming words. I've reduced this somewhat by automatically including many
+programming words in the session dictionary. One solution involves switching
+to hunspell which appears to have better-maintained word dictionaries. The
+other involves exploring an upper threshold for the edit distance between a
+given word and its suggestion.
== Synopsis
$ rdoc -f spellcheck lib *.rdoc

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