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4.0.0.rc.2 / ??

As a preview release, please file bugs for any problems you have with rdoc at

RDoc 4.0 includes several new features and several breaking changes. The changes should not affect users of `rdoc` or `ri`.

Notable feature additions are markdown support and an WEBrick servlet that can serve HTML from an ri store. (This means that RubyGems 2.0+ no longer needs to build HTML documentation when installing gems.)

  • Minor enhancements

    • Added current heading and page-top links to HTML headings.

  • Bug fixes

    • Fixed an XSS exploit in darkfish.js. This could lead to cookie disclosure to third parties. See CVE-2012-0256.rdoc for full details including a patch you can apply to generated RDoc documentation.

    • Fixed parsing of multibyte files with incomplete characters at byte 1024. Ruby bug #6393 by nobu, patch by Nobuyoshi Nakada and Yui NARUSE.

    • Fixed rdoc -E. Ruby Bug #6392 and (modified) patch by Nobuyoshi Nakada

    • Added link handling to Markdown output. Bug #160 by burningTyger.

    • Fixed HEREDOC output for the limited case of a heredoc followed by a line end. When a HEREDOC is not followed by a line end RDoc is not currently smart enough to restore the source correctly. Bug #162 by Zachary Scott.

    • Fixed parsing of executables with shebang and encoding comments. Bug #161 by Marcus Stollsteimer

    • RDoc now ignores methods defined on constants instead of creating a fake module. Bug #163 by Zachary Scott.

    • Fixed ChangeLog parsing for FFI gem. Bug #165 by Zachary Scott.

    • RDoc now links #=== methods. Bug #164 by Zachary Scott.

    • Allow [] following argument names for TomDoc. Bug #167 by Ellis Berner.

    • Fixed the RDoc servlet for home and site directories. Bug #170 by Thomas Leitner.

    • Fixed references to methods in the RDoc servlet. Bug #171 by Thomas Leitner.

    • Fixed debug message when generating the darkfish root page. Pull Request #174 by Thomas Leitner.

    • Fixed deletion of attribute ri data when a class was loaded then saved. Issue #171 by Thomas Leitner.

4.0.0.preview2.1 / 2012-12-14

  • Minor enhancements

    • Added –page-dir option to give pretty names for a FAQ, guides, or other documentation you write that is not stored in the project root. For example, with the following layout:


      Running `rdoc –page-dir guides` will make the files in “guides” appear to be at the top level of the project. This means they will appear to exist at the top level in HTML output and you can access them with `ri your_gem:syntax` and `ri your_gem:conversion`.

  • Bug fixes

    • Fully qualified names for constants declared from the top level are now attached to their class or module properly.

    • Fixed table of contents display in HTML output for classes and modules.

    • Incremental ri builds of C files now work. C variable names from previous runs are now saved between runs.

4.0.0.preview2 / 2012-12-01

  • Breaking changes

    • The default output encoding for RDoc is now UTF-8. Previously RDoc used the default external encoding which was determined from your locale. Issue #106 by Justin Baker.

    • RDoc::RI::Store is now RDoc::Store so ri data generated by RDoc 4 cannot be read by earlier versions of RDoc. RDoc::RI::Store exists as an alias of RDoc::Store so ri data from older versions can still be read. RDoc::RI::Store will be removed in RDoc 5.

      Tests that create RDoc::CodeObjects on the fly without wiring them into the documentation tree (did not use add_class, add_method, etc.) must be updated to use these methods. The documentation tree automatically attaches them to the store instance which allows lookups to work correctly. Additionally, a new method RDoc::Store#add_file must be used instead of The latter will not be attached to the documentation tree.

    • RDoc generators must accept an RDoc::Store and an RDoc::Options in initialize. RDoc no longer passes an Array of RDoc::TopLevel objects to #generate. Use RDoc::Store#all_files instead.

    • Some markup formatters (RDoc::Markup::To*) now accept an RDoc::Options instance as the first argument. Notably, the base class Formatter and ToHtml*. (This is not universal due to the difficult at accessing the user's options instance deep inside RDoc. A future major release may remedy this.)

    • Added new markup nodes and specials that RDoc::Markup::Formatter subclasses must handle. If you're using RDoc::Markup::FormatterTestCase the new methods you need to add should be readily apparent.

    • Removed RDoc::RI::Paths::SYSDIR and ::SITEDIR. These were hidden constants so no breakage is expected. Use RDoc::RI::Paths::system_dir and ::site_dir instead.

    • RDoc::RI::Store#modules has been renamed to RDoc::Store#module_names to avoid confusion with RDoc::Store#all_modules imported from RDoc::TopLevel.

    • RDoc::RDocError has been removed. It was deprecated throughout RDoc 3.

    • ri -f html is no longer supported.

    • Comment definitions in C comments are now only discovered from the first line. A colon on a subsequent line won't trigger definition extraction. Issue #103, see also

    • Fixed :stopdoc: for class A::B where A has not been seen. Issue #95 by Ryan Davis

    • RDoc::ClassModule#each_ancestor no longer yields itself if there is circular ancestry

  • Major enhancements

    • ri can now show pages (README, etc.)

      ri rdoc:README

      Will show the README for the latest version of RDoc. You can specify exact gem versions such as “rdoc-4.0:README” or view pages from the standard library documentation with “ruby:README”.

      RDoc 3 did not save pages in ri data so you will need to regenerate documentation from your gems to use this feature.

    • Added Markdown as a supported format. The markdown format can be set on a per-file or per-comment basis with the :markdown: directive like the rd and tomdoc formats and on a per-project basis with rdoc --markup markdown --write-options

    • Removed global state from RDoc. RDoc::Store holds the documentation tree and connects the driver to the parsers and generator. This also allows documentation parsing and generation for multiple instances, but the rdoc command-line tool does not support this.

      Due to this change RDoc::RDoc.current and RDoc::RDoc.reset no longer exist.

  • Minor enhancements

    • Added –root for building documentation from outside the source dir.

    • Added a ChangeLog parser. It automatically parses files that begin with 'ChangeLog'

    • Added a table of contents to the sidebar.

    • RDoc markup format merges adjacent labels in a label or note list into a single definition list item for output.

    • RDoc now tracks use of extend. Pull request #118 by Michael Granger.

    • RDoc now tracks methods that use super. Pull request #116 by Erik Hollensbe.

    • Added methods ::system_dir, ::site_dir, ::home_dir and ::gem_dir to fetch the components of RDoc::RI::Paths.path individually.

    • Added support for rb_file_const.

    • RDoc now processes files in sorted order. Issue #71 by Vít Ondruch

    • RDoc now warns with –verbose when methods are duplicated. Issue #71 by Vít Ondruch

    • ri will display documentation for all methods in a class if -a is given. Issue #57 by casper

    • The RDoc coverage report will report line information for attributes, constants and methods missing documentation. Issue #121 by Zachary Scott

    • RDoc now reports a warning for files that are unreadable due to permissions problems.

    • RDoc controls documentation generation for RubyGems 2.0+

  • Bug fixes

    • A word that is directly followed by a multi-word tidy link label no longer disappears. (Like text{link}[example])

    • Fixed legacy template support. Pull Request #107 by Justin Baker.

    • An HTML class in a verbatim section no longer triggers ruby parsing. Issue #92 by Vijay Dev

    • Improved documentation for setting the default documentation format for your ruby project. Issue #94 by Henrik Hodne

    • Fixed handling of LANG in the RDoc::Options tests. Issue #99 by Vít Ondruch

    • RDoc no longer quits when given an entry that is not a file or directory. Issue #101 by Charles Nutter

    • Fixed bug in syntax-highlighting that would corrupt regular expressions. Ruby Bug #6488 by Benny Lyne Amorsen.

    • “class Object” no longer appears in the coverage report if all its methods are documented. This suppresses a false positive for libraries that add toplevel methods. Pull Request #128 by Zachary Scott.

    • Fixed test_gen_url test name in TestRDocMarkupToHtml. Pull Request #130 by Zachary Scott.

    • Comment-defined methods ahead of define_method are now discovered. Issue #133 by eclectic923

    • Fixed detection of define_method documentation. Issue #138 by Marvin Gülker.

    • Fixed lexing of character syntax (?z). Reported by Xavier Noria.

    • Add license to gem spec. Issue #144 by pivotalcommon

    • Fixed comment selection for classes. Pull request #146 by pioz

    • Fixed parsing of def self.&() end. Issue #148 by Michael Lucy

    • Generated RD parser files are now included in the gem. Issue #145 by Marvin Gülker

    • Class and module aliases now create new classes to avoid duplicate names in the class list. Issue #143 by Richard Schneeman, Rails Issue #2839

    • RDoc::Markup::Parser now correctly matches indentation of lists when multibyte characters are used in the list labels. Issue #140 by burningTyger

    • Fixed mangling of email addresses that look like labels. Issue #129 by Tobias Koch

    • Classes and modules in a C file may now be created in any order. Issue #124 by Su Zhang

    • A metaprogrammed method supports the :args: directive. Issue #100

    • A metaprogrammed method supports the :yields: directive.

    • RDoc will now look for directives up to the end of the line. For example,

      class B < A; end # :nodoc:

      will now hide documentation of B. Issue #125 by Zachary Scott

    • Fixed tokenization of % when it is not followed by a $-string type

    • Fixed display of __END__ in documentation examples in HTML output

    • Fixed tokenization of reserved words used as new-style hash keys

    • RDoc now handles class << $gvar by ignoring the body

    • Fixed parsing of class A


    • Worked around bug in RDoc::RubyLex where tokens won't be reinterpreted after unget_tk.

    • Fixed class << ::Foo writing documentation to /Foo.html

    • Fixed class ::A referencing itself from inside its own namespace.

3.12 / 2011-12-15

  • Minor enhancements

    • Added DEVELOPERS document which contains an overview of how RDoc works and how to add new features to RDoc.

    • Improved title for HTML output to include --title in the title element.

    • rdoc --pipe now understands --markup.

    • RDoc now supports IRC-scheme hyperlinks. Issue #83 by trans.

  • Bug fixes

    • Fixed title on HTML output for pages.

    • Fixed parsing of non-indented HEREDOC.

    • Fixed parsing of %w[] and other % literals. Issue #84 by Erik Hollensbe

    • Fixed arrow replacement in HTML output munging the spaceship operator. Issue #85 by eclectic923.

    • Verbatim sections with ERB that match the ruby code whitelist are no longer syntax-highlighted. Issue #86 by eclectic923

    • Line endings on windows are normalized immediately after reading with binmode. Issue #87 by Usa Nakamura

    • RDoc better understands directives for comments. Comment directives can now be found anywhere in multi-line comments. Issue #90 by Ryan Davis

    • Tidy links to methods show the label again. Issue #88 by Simon Chiang

    • RDoc::Parser::C can now find comments directly above rb_define_class_under. Issue #89 by Enrico

    • In rdoc, backspace and ansi formatters, labels and notes without bodies are now shown.

    • In rdoc, backspace and ansi formatters, whitespace between label or note and the colon is now stripped.

3.11 / 2011-10-17

  • Bug fixes

    • Avoid parsing TAGS files included in gems. Issue #81 by Santiago Pastorino.

3.10 / 2011-10-08

  • Major enhancements

    • RDoc HTML output has been improved:

      • The search from Володя Колесников's (Vladimir Kolesnikov) Sdoc has been integrated.

        The search index generation is a reusable component through RDoc::Generator::JsonIndex

      • The table of contents is now a separate page and now shows links to headings and sections inside a page or class.

      • Class pages no longer show the namespace and no longer have file info pages.

      • HTML output is HTML 5.

      • Static files can be copied into RDoc using –copy-files

    • RDoc supports additional documentation formats:

      • TomDoc 1.0.0-rc1

      • RD format

      The default markup can be set via the --markup option.

      The format of documentation in a particular file can be specified by the :markup: directive. If the :markup: directive is in the first comment it is used as the default for the entire file. For other comments it overrides the default markup format.

      The markup format can be set for rake tasks using RDoc::Task#markup

    • RDoc can save and load an options file.

      To create an options file that defaults to using TomDoc markup run:

      rdoc --markup tomdoc --write-options

      This will create a .rdoc_options file. Check it in to your VCS and package it with your gem. RDoc will automatically load this file and combine it with the user's options.

      Some options are not saved. See RDoc::Options@Saved+Options for full details.

  • Minor enhancements

    • RDoc autoloads everything. You only need to require 'rdoc' now.

    • HTML headings now have ids matching their titles.

      = Hello!

      Is rendered as

      <h1 id="label-Hello%21">Hello!</h1>
    • Labels for classes or methods can be linked-to by adding an @ following the class or method reference. For example, RDoc::Markup@Links

      See RDoc::Markup@Links for further details.

    • For HTML output RDoc uses SomeClass.method_name and +SomeClass#method_name+ for remote methods and attributes and +::method_name+ and #method_name for local methods.

    • RDoc makes an effort to syntax-highlight ruby code in verbatim sections. See RDoc::Markup@Paragraphs+and+Verbatim

    • Added RDoc::TopLevel#text? and RDoc::Parser::Text to indicate a parsed file contains no ruby constructs.

    • Added rdoc-label link scheme which allows bidirectional links. See RDoc::Markup for details.

    • Image paths at HTTPS URLs will now be turned into +<img>+ tags. Pull Request #60 by James Mead

    • Added RDoc::Comment which encapsulates comment-handling functionality.

    • Added RDoc::Markup::PreProcess::post_process to allow arbitrary comment munging.

    • RDoc::RDoc::current is set for the entire RDoc run.

    • Split rdoc/markup/inline into individual files for its component classes.

    • Moved token stream HTML markup out of RDoc::AnyMethod#markup_code into RDoc::TokenStream::to_html

    • “Top” link in section headers is no longer inside the heading element.

    • RDoc avoids printing some warnings unless run with `rdoc –verbose`. For Rails issue #1646.

    • Finishing a paragraph with two or more spaces will result in a line break. This feature is experimental and may be modified or removed.

  • Bug fixes

    • Markup defined by RDoc::Markup#add_special inside a <tt> is no longer converted.

    • Performance of RDoc::RubyLex has been improved. Ruby Bug #5202 by Ryan Melton.

    • Add US-ASCII magic comments to work with ruby -Ku. Issue #63 by Travis D. Warlick, Jr.

    • Clicking a link in the method description now works. Issue #61 by Alan Hogan.

    • Fixed RDoc::Markup::Parser for CRLF line endings. Issue #67 by Marvin Gülker.

    • Fixed lexing of percent strings like %r{#}. Issue #68 by eclectic923.

    • The C parser now understands classes defined with rb_struct_define_without_accessor (like Range). Pull Request #73 by Dan Bernier

    • Fixed lexing of a b <<-HEREDOC. Issue #75 by John Mair.

    • Added LEGAL.rdoc with references to licenses in other files. Issue #78 by Dmitry Jemerov.

    • Block parameters are displayed in Darkfish output again. Issue #76 by Andrea Singh.

    • The method parameter coverage report no longer includes parameter default values. Issue #77 by Jake Goulding.

    • The module for an include is not looked up until parsed all the files are parsed. Unless your project includes nonexistent modules this avoids worst-case behavior (O(n!)) of RDoc::Include#module.

3.9.2 / 2011-08-11

  • Bug fix

    • Loosened TIDYLINK regexp to allow any content in the link section like: {foo}[rdoc-ref:SomeClass]

    • In HTML output headings are capped at <h6> again

3.9.1 / 2011-07-31

  • Bug fixes

    • Fix RDoc::Markup parser for a header followed by a non-text token. Issue #56 by Adam Tait

    • Fix RDoc::Markup::ToHtmlCrossref#gen_url for non-rdoc-ref links.

    • Fix bug report URL when rdoc crashes.

3.9 / 2011-07-30

  • Minor enhancements

    • RDoc::Parser::C now supports :doc: and :nodoc: for class comments

    • Added the rdoc-ref: link scheme which links to a named reference. rdoc-ref: can resolve references to classes, modules, methods, files, etc. This can be used to create cross-generator named links unlike the link: scheme which is dependent upon the exact file name. Issue #53 by Simon Chiang

    • Pulled RDoc::CrossReference out of RDoc::Markup::ToHtmlCrossref. Cross-references can now be created easily for non-HTML formatters.

  • Bug fixes

    • `ri []` and other special methods now work properly. Issue #52 by ddebernardy.

    • `ri` now has space between class comments from multiple files.

    • :stopdoc: no longer creates Object references. Issue #55 by Simon Chiang

    • :nodoc: works on class aliases now. Issue #51 by Steven G. Harms

    • Remove tokenizer restriction on header lengths for verbatim sections. Issue #49 by trans

3.8 / 2011-06-29

  • Minor enhancements

    • RDoc::Parser::C can now discover methods on ENV and ARGF.

    • RDoc::Parser::C now knows about rb_cSocket and rb_mDL.

  • Bug fixes

    • Updating Object in an ri data store with new data now removes methods, includes, constants and aliases.

3.7 / 2011-06-27

  • Minor enhancements

    • New directive :category: which allows methods to be grouped into sections more cleanly. See RDoc::Markup for details.

    • Document-class for RDoc::Parser::C now supports Foo::CONST as well as CONST.

    • ri method output is now a comma-separated list when displayed interactively. Pull Request #39 by Benoit Daloze.

    • RDoc::ClassModule#merge now prefers the argument's information over the receiver's (it now behaves like Hash#merge! instead of a backwards Hash#merge!).

    • RDoc::Markup#convert now accepts an RDoc::Markup::Document instance

    • RDoc now owns the code for generating RDoc and ri data when gems install

    • Added RDoc::RDoc::reset

    • Added RDoc::CodeObject#file_name

  • Bug fixes

    • ri no longer crashes when attempting to complete a plain [.

    • ri data now tracks which file information came from so it can process removals and changes to:

      • Classes and Modules

      • Methods

      • Attributes

      • Includes

      • Constants

      You will need to rebuild your ri data for it to update properly. Issue #21 by Sven Riedel

    • Signal and SignalException no longer clobber each other

    • RDoc::Parser::C no longer creates classes when processing aliases.

    • RDoc::Text#strip_stars handles Document-method for methods with =, ! and ? now.

    • RDoc::Parser::C now allows .cpp files to be used with the “in” comment on rb_define_method. Bug #35 by Hanmac.

    • RDoc::Parser::Ruby no longer eats content when =begin/=end documentation blocks are followed by a documentable item. Issue #41 by mfn.

    • RDoc::Markup::Formatter and subclasses now allow an optional markup parameter for adding custom markup. The example in RDoc::Markup::Formatter will now work. Issue #38 by tsilen.

    • RDoc::Parser::C can now distinguish between class methods and instance methods in Document-method. Issue #36 by Vincent Batts.

    • RDoc now encodes file names in the output encoding. Issue #33 by Perry Smith.

    • ri data generation for method aliases no longer duplicates the class in #full_name

3.6.1 / 2011-05-15

  • Bug fixes

    • Fix infinite loop created when re-encountering BasicObject.

    • RDoc::Context#each_ancestor is now provided for duck-typing.

    • rb_path2class() can now be used to discover the parent class in rb_define_class_under.

3.6 / 2011-05-13

  • Major Enhancements

    • Interactive ri is now the default when no names are given.

  • Minor Enhancements

    • RDoc::RDoc#generate was added to allow multiple generators to be used with a set of parsed file info.

    • RDoc::Options#finish can be called multiple times now.

    • `ri -i` only shows one level of namespace when completing class names.

    • Added `ri –list` for explicit listing. `ri -l F G` will list all classes or modules starting with F or G

  • Bug fixes

    • Remove windows-specific test for test_check_files, it is too hard to do. Ruby commit r30811 by Usaku Nakamura.

    • Remove unnecessary (and wrong) platform-dependent hacks. Ruby commit r30829 by Usaku Nakamura.

    • Completing via Array#[ in `ri -i` no longer crashes. Ruby Bug #3167

    • Completing IO::o in `ri -i` now returns results. Ruby Bug #3167

    • RDoc::Parser::C ignores prototypes better. Pull Request #34 by Pete Higgins.

    • private_class_method and public_class_method are now parsed correctly for inherited methods. Issue #16 by gitsucks.

    • The doc directive now forces documentation even when the method is marked private or protected.

3.5.3 / 2010-02-06

  • Bug fixes

    • When including a file perform a lossy force-transcoding to the output encoding instead of crashing to preserve as much content as possible. Ruby Bug #4376 by Yui NARUSE.

    • Work around inconsistent encoding result from String#sub!, String#gsub!. Related to Ruby Bug #4376.

    • Work around inconsistent encoding result from String#[]=. Related to Ruby Bug #4376.

    • When Darkfish fails the file being generated is now reported.

3.5.2 / 2010-02-04

  • Deprecations

    • RDoc::Context::Section#sequence is now deprecated. Use RDoc::Context::Section#aref instead.

  • Bug fixes

    • Fixed syntax highlighting CSS class generation. Reported by Daniel Bretoi.

    • Fixed ri for methods with aliases. Pull Request #15 by Sven Riedel.

    • Added windows-specific test for test_check_files.

    • Darkfish now supports sections. Template and generator author see RDoc::Context#each_section to add section support. RubyForge Bug #26883 by Jeff Hodges.

    • Fixed post-install message for Ruby 1.9.2 users.

    • Set required ruby version to >= 1.8.7.

3.5.1 / 2010-01-30

  • Bug fixes

    • Fixed some typos. Pull request #13 by R.T. Lechow.

    • Ensure an RDoc::Stats is created in #parse_files. Fixes documentation for railties which has no files. Reported by Aaron Patterson

3.5 / 2010-01-29

  • Minor enhancements

    • RDoc::Parser::C looks for rb_scan_args and fills in RDoc::AnyMethod#params appropriately. This may provide useful information if the author did not provide a call-seq.

    • RDoc::Parser::C now records the function name for methods implemented in C.

    • RDoc now records file and byte offset information for methods.

  • Bug fixes

    • Locations of module aliases are now recorded.

    • RDoc::Parser::C finds method bodies better now.

    • Fixed further locations where output encoding was not preserved. Bug #11 by Vít Ondruch, RubyForge bug #28791 by Dzmitry Prakapenka.

    • Fixed display of numeric lists on the index page and file pages. Bug #12 by tobijk.

    • Skip TestRDocOptions#test_check_files on windows until a windows-specific test can be created. RubyForge bug #28821 by Usaku Nakamura.

    • Fixed line-height of headings in method and alias descriptions. RubyForge Bug #2770 by Adam Avilla

    • Relaxed RDoc::Parser::Ruby#remove_private_comments to consume more dashes as older versions once did. Bug #7 by Claus Folke Brobak.

3.4 / 2010-01-06

  • Minor enhancements

    • RDoc::RDoc#document may now be called with an RDoc::Options instance.

  • Bug fixes

    • Added skips to Encoding tests running on 1.8.

    • Fixed warnings

3.3 / 2010-01-03

  • Minor enhancements

    • The coverage report can now report undocumented method parameters including methods defined in C.

      <kbd>rdoc -C</kbd> gives a standard report, <kbd>rdoc -C1</kbd> includes method parameters. Method parameters are considered documented if they're marked-up with +, <code> or <tt>.

    • The C parser now uses *args instead of ... if no call-seq was provided to give names to the arguments.

  • Bug fixes

    • The C parser now records the file location of aliases, attributes, constants and methods allowing -C to work on C files.

    • Darkfish now handles dots in call-seq allowing ary.insert(index, obj...) to display correctly. Patch #6 by KUBO Takehiro.

    • Improved processing of meta-programmed methods when followed by unparseable syntax. RubyForge patch #28653 by Aidan Cully.

    • rdoc now touches the flag file when it create the output directory. Prevents the “isn't an RDoc directory” error if rdoc crashes.

    • RDoc now properly converts to the expected output encoding. RubyForge bug #28791 by Dzmitry Prakapenka.

    • Restored parsing of block comments. RubyForge bug #28668 by Stefano Crocco.

    • Metaprogrammed methods defined with blocks no longer confuse the ruby parser. RubyForge bug #28370 by Erik Hollensbe.

    • ri no longer displays all methods in the inheritance chain.

3.2 / 2010-12-29

  • Minor enhancements

    • RDoc generator authors may now suppress updating the output dir (creating a created.rid file) by setting RDoc::Options#update_output_dir to false.

    • RDoc::Task has been refactored to ease creating subclasses.

  • Bug fixes

    • RDoc's gitignore now ignores .DS_Store files. Pull Request #3 by Shane Becker.

3.1 / 2010-12-28

RDoc has moved to github. Releases after 3.1 reference github unless otherwise noted.

  • Minor enhancements

    • RDoc::Task now features a #generator option to choose an alternate generator. Pull Request #2 by Erik Hollensbe.

    • Enhanced test for RDoc::Parser::binary? RubyForge patch #28538 by Eito Katagiri.

    • Generator list in –help is no longer static. Generator description comes from the generator's DESCRIPTION constant.

    • Documentation summary is now displayed with dynamic width.

  • Bug fixes

    • Strip encoding comment from input to avoid overriding file comment. RubyForge Bug #22113 by James Gray.

    • Restore call-seq parsing behavior when the call-seq is the only comment. RubyForge Bug #26290 by Sylvain Joyeux.

    • Coverage report no longer crashes for constant aliases. Pull Request #1 by Andy Lindeman.

    • RDoc no longer loses ghost methods when followed by certain tokens. RubyForge bug #27793 by Aaron Patterson.

    • RDoc no longer crashes in ri if HOME is not set. Ruby Bug #4202 by Shyouhei Urabe.

    • ri no longer crashes with HTML format output. RubyForge bug #28675 by 7rans.

    • RDoc::Markup::ToHtml#gen_url now initializes #from_path to ''. Additionally, #from_path is now settable. RubyForge bug #27838 by Claus Folke Brobak.

    • Comments in the C parser are now normalized before being combined. RubyForge patch #28646 by Sven Herzberg.

    • RDoc::Parser::C no longer requires a comment and finds more method bodies. RubyForge patch #28643 by Sven Herzberg.

    • Darkfish now has a “Class/Module Index” instead of a “Class Index”. RubyForge patch #28364 by James Tucker.

    • RDoc::Parser::Ruby now parses negative numbers correctly. RubyForge patch #28544 by Eito Katagiri.

3.0.1 / 2010-12-19

  • Bug fix

    • RDoc no longer has a Perl parser.

3.0 / 2010-12-19

Special thanks to Thierry Lambert for massive improvements to RDoc.

  • Major enhancements

    • Ruby 1.8.6 is no longer supported by RDoc.

    • RDoc now converts input files to a single encoding specified by --encoding. See RDoc::RDoc and RDoc::Options#encoding. --encoding is now preferred over --charset

    • RDoc now supports a --coverage-report flag (also -C and --dcov) that outputs a report on items lacking documentation.

    • Templates (rdoc -T) are now checked for existence in RDoc::Options. Generator authors can now use RDoc::Options#template_dir which is the full path to the template directory.

    • Added support for class aliases. Patch by Thierry Lambert.

    • Improved merging of classes and modules across multiple files including more accurate documentation statistics. Patch by Thierry Lambert.

    • Improved handling of method aliases. Patch by Thierry Lambert.

    • Improved handling of visibility of RDoc code objects. Patch by Thierry Lambert.

    • RDoc::Attr#type is now RDoc::Attr#definition. Patch by Thierry Lambert.

    • Removed TimeConstantMethods

    • RDoc now calls ::new instead of ::for on generators.

  • Minor enhancements

    • Added rdoc arguments --dry-run, --all, --visibility, --force-output, --hyperlink-all. Patch by Thierry Lambert.

    • RDoc::Markup::FormatterTestCase has been expanded. Patch by Thierry Lambert.

    • RDoc::Markup::TextFormatterTestCase has been extracted from RDoc tests. Patch by Thierry Lambert.

    • Various RDoc::Parser::Ruby enhancements. Patch by Thierry Lambert.

    • Various RDoc::Markup::Parser enhancements. Patch by Thierry Lambert.

    • RDoc::Parser::binary? is more robust now that it uses Encoding.

    • Deprecated rdoc arguments are now explicitly mentioned in rdoc command output. Patch by Thierry Lambert.

    • Constant values are formatted more accurately. Patch by Thierry Lambert.

    • Enhanced call-seq parsing in RDoc::Parser::C. Patch by Thierry Lambert.

    • RDoc no longer uses kw, cmt, re or str classes for embedded source code snippets. Patch by Thierry Lambert.

    • RDoc directives may now be escaped with a leading '\'. Patch by Thierry Lambert.

    • RDoc note lists (label::) now generate a table with class “rdoc-list”. Patch by Thierry Lambert.

    • RDoc markup documentation has been moved to RDoc::Markup including notes on how to document source code.

    • An RDoc::Require is now always listed at the file level. Patch by Thierry Lambert.

    • RDoc::CodeObjects now know which file they were defined in.

    • RDoc::Options calls ::setup_options on the generator class specified by --format. See RDoc::Options::setup_generator.

    • rdoc gives an error when multiple formats are given.

    • Files with erb inside will no longer trip RDoc::Parser::binary?

    • Last --title wins. Patch by Thierry Lambert.

    • Better block params handling. Patch by Thierry Lambert.

    • Moved rdoc/tokenstream.rb to rdoc/token_stream.rb.

    • Moved rdoc/markup/preprocess.rb to rdoc/markup/pre_process.rb.

    • Removed “':' not followed by operator or identifier” warning for new Hash syntax.

    • rb_attr() is now supported for attributes.

    • RDoc::Parser::C now supports yields, doc, and args directives like RDoc::Parser::Ruby.

    • Moved RDoc::Parser::PerlPOD to the rdoc-perl_pod gem.

  • Bug fixes

    • RDoc::Generator tests no longer require any installed RDoc on Ruby 1.9

    • Load existing cache before generating ri. Ruby r27749 by NAKAMURA Usaku.

    • RDoc now handles BOM. Ruby r28062 by Nobuyoshi Nakada.

    • Use proper XML encoding for darkfish classpage. Ruby r28083 by NARUSE, Yui.

    • Fix ri output when special characters are inside html tags. Patch by Tomo Kazahaya, Ruby Bug #3512.

    • Don't bother checking if the pager exists, it's already done. Ruby r28842 by NAKAMURA Usaku.

    • RDoc::Parser::Ruby now ignores non-constant-named singleton classes. Ruby r29140 by Nobuyoshi Nakada. Ruby Bug #3759.

    • RDoc::Parser::Ruby call args no longer include assignment. Ruby r29141 by Nobuyoshi Nakada. Ruby Bug #3759

    • Handle $HOME being unset in ri. Ruby r29272 by Nobuyoshi Nakada.

    • uniq ancestors and modules too. Ruby r29312 by Nobuyoshi Nakada.

    • RDoc now knows about Encoding by default. Ruby r29356 by Nobuyoshi Nakada.

    • ri now defaults to the backspace formatter when piped. Use RI environment variable or options to override. Ruby r28455 by Yusuke Endoh.

    • __send__ and friends no longer get their underscores removed. Patch by Thierry Lambert.

    • The C parser now makes new public when promoting initialize.

    • Fix crash in #markup_code for TkUnknownChar.

    • Fix crash in RDoc::Parser::C when aliasing methods with Regexp special characters.

    • Fix crash when various operators are used as a name as in alias * compose.

    • Fix warning with some dynamic use of attr_*

    • Methods added to true, false and nil are now documented.

    • Remove warning for methods defined on globals.

2.5.11 / 2010-08-20

  • Minor Enhancements

    • Alias comments are now discovered by the C parser. Reported by Jeremy Evans.

    • Removed –all option which is unused in RDoc. Use the nodoc or stopdoc/startdoc directives to suppress documentation instead.

2.5.10 / 2010-08-17

  • Minor Enhancements

    • Support rb_singleton_class(). Reported by Jeremy Evans.

    • Support rb_define_private_method() on rb_singleton_class(). Reported by Jeremy Evans.

  • Bug Fixes

    • Treat non-ASCII RDoc files as text. Bug #28391 by Kouhei Sutou.

    • Fix potential test failures due to ivar collision. Bug #28390 by Kouhei Sutou.

    • Added duck-typed #aref for RDoc::Attr to RDoc::AnyMethod. Bug #28375 by Erik Hollensbe

    • Fixed method references in HTML output when show_hash is false.

    • Fixed comments with '.' in call-seq in C sources. Reported by Jeremy Evans.

    • RDoc now understands singleton aliases. Reported by Jeremy Evans.

2.5.9 / 2010-07-06

  • Bug Fixes

    • Look up pager correctly.

    • Fixed handling of bullets in verbatim sections. Partial patch by Juha-Jarmo Heinonen.

2.5.8 / 2010-04-27


RDoc 2.5 did not save method parameters, so you should upgrade your rdoc-data gem to a version >= 2.5.3.

To have ri data for core and stdlib you'll need to:

gem install rdoc-data

then run:

rdoc-data --install

To have ri data for you gems you'll also need to run:

gem rdoc --all --overwrite

If you don't want to rebuild the rdoc for `gem server`, add –no-rdoc.

  • Bug Fixes

    • ri no longer complains about nonexistent pagers.

    • Fixed failing test

2.5.7 / 2010-04-22

  • Minor Enhancements

    • Unrecognized RDoc directives can now be registered by a plugin for handling. See RDoc::Markup::PreProcess.

    • Added RDoc::Markup::Raw to allow other markup engines to dump raw content into RDoc.

  • Bug Fixes

    • rdoc -p no longer means –pipe if files are also given.

    • RDoc now knows about BasicObject by default. Ruby Bug #1318 by Ambrus Zsbán

2.5.6 / 2010-04-22

  • Minor Enhancements

    • Unrecognized RDoc directives are added as metadata to the object they get attached to.

      # :my_new_directive: my cool value

      Results in a 'my_new_directive' metadata key with value 'my cool value' on the RDoc::CodeObject it is for

  • Bug Fixes

    • RDoc no longer prints out “invalid options:” when there were no invalid options.

    • Fixed link size on Darkfish file pages

2.5.5 / 2010-04-19

  • 1 Minor Enhancement

    • Use #binread in RDoc::Markup::PreProcess. Patch from ruby trunk.

  • 3 Bug Fixes

    • Fixed indentation of method-description lists in Darkfish. Bug #28081 by Theresa Dwinnell.

    • Fixed loading RDoc::AnyMethod aliases to no longer infinitely loop. Bug #28107 by Sven Riedel

    • Fixed handling of ignored invalid options to continue after the invalid option.

2.5.4 / 2010-04-18

  • 2 Minor Enhancements

    • Methods will now be cross-referenced when preceded with ::. Ruby Bug #3169 by Marc-Andre Lafortune.

    • Methods now have human readable fragment identifiers for HTML output. (#method-i-gsub vs #M000005). Ruby Bug #3023 by Marc-Andre Lafortune.

  • 1 Bug Fixes

    • RDoc::Parser::Ruby now handles while begin a; b end # .... Ruby Bug #3160 by Yusuke Endoh.

2.5.3 / 2010-04-10

  • 1 Minor Enhancement

    • RDoc::Parser::Simple and the include directive remove coding: comment from first line

  • 2 Bug Fixes

    • Fixed loading of created.rid when regenerating documentation. Ruby bug #3121 by Yusuke Endoh.

    • Compare times as Integers as created.rid doesn't store fractional times.

2.5.2 / 2010-04-09

  • 1 Minor Enhancement

    • Imported various changes by Nobu from ruby trunk.

  • 2 Bug Fixes

    • RDoc parses files without extensions as text files again.

    • RDoc::Parser::Ruby parses %{ strings correctly again.

2.5.1 / 2010-04-06

  • 1 Minor Enhancement

    • RDoc::Parser::C now supports the include directive for classes and modules.

  • 6 Bug Fixes

    • RDoc::AnyMethod params now get saved in ri data.

    • ri now displays method arguments correctly.

    • RDoc::Markup::Parser allows no space between = and header text like rdoc 2.4 and earlier.

    • RDoc::Parser::C's “in” directive now looks in the current directory.

    • RDoc::Task's rerdoc task no longer deletes the doc directory twice.

    • rdoc –force-update now works correctly. Patch by Nobu Nokada

2.5 / 2010-03-31

  • 9 Major Enhancements

    • Darkfish now has a “Home” button

    • ri no longer displays the value of a constant. There's no easy way to make them presentable. Use irb or ruby -e instead. Ruby Bug #549.

    • New ri data format now uses Marshal and pre-builds caches

      • No support for old ri data format, too hard to maintain

      • To upgrade your core ri documentation, install the rdoc-data gem and run rdoc-data

    • RDoc now displays how well you've documented your library

    • New recursive-descent parser for RDoc::Markup. See RDoc::Markup::Parser

    • Updated ruby_lex and ruby_token

    • Removed threading support, RDoc is not thread-safe

    • Removed many unsupported options to rdoc

    • Future versions of RDoc will not support Ruby 1.8.6. Bugs filed for 1.8.6-only issues will be (largely) rejected.

  • 17 Minor Enhancements

    • Source Parsing

      • RDoc now supports module aliasing via constant assignment.

      • RDoc now tracks superclasses correctly. Fixes File < IO for core docs.

      • RDoc now ignores methods inside methods.

      • RDoc now ignores Marshal and other binray files.

      • Removed “Skipping require of dynamic string” warning.

      • C parser now handles Document-method better. Bug #27329.

      • API enhancements for writing parsers like the Ruby parser, see RDoc::Parser::RubyTools

    • ri

      • Uses pager over less and more for Debian. Ruby Bug #1171.

      • ri will use the RI_PAGER environment variable to find a pager.

      • ri data generator now supports SIGINFO (^T)

    • When rdoc is in debug mode, ^C now prints a backtrace

    • RDoc::Markup::AttributeManager no longer uses global state.

    • RDoc::RDoc no longer passes around options. Patch #27167.

    • Darkfish won't generate a file if its template is missing. Patch #25857.

    • Improved some wording for the RDoc main page. Patch #27264, #27268.

    • Removed diagram generation support (to return in the future).

    • Removed external support for RDoc::Task.

  • 12 Bug Fixes

    • The :attr: directives now use the name given to create an attribute. See RDoc::Parser::Ruby#parse_meta_attr.

    • Fix crossrefs on paths with '-'. Ruby Bug #883.

    • Fix ruby parser for alias with = in the name. Bug #27522.

    • Images are no longer executable. Bug #27156.

    • –op is no longer overridden by –ri. Bug #27054.

    • :method: now works when at the end of a class. Bug #26910.

    • Preserve ellipsis from call-seq in Darkfish. Patch #26974.

    • Emacs-style coding: is handled properly. Patch #27388.

    • RDoc::RubyLex now parses UTF-8 identifiers. Bug #26946, #26947.

    • Fixed namespace lookup rules. Bug #26161.

    • Worked around bug in Selenium where they hide a .jar in a .txt file. Filed Selenium bug #27789.

    • Alias comments are no longer hidden. Reported by Adam Avilla.

2.4.3 / 2009-04-01

  • 2 Bug Fixes

    • Corrected patch for file links

    • Corrected display of file popup

2.4.2 / 2009-03-25

  • 2 Minor Enhancements

    • Added –pipe for turning RDoc on stdin into HTML

    • Added rdoc/task.rb containing a replacement for rake/rdoctask.rb. Use RDoc::Task now instead of Rake::RDocTask.

  • 10 Bug Fixes

    • Writing the ri cache file to the proper directory. Bug #24459 by Lars Christensen.

    • Possible fix for Dir::[] and Pathname interaction on 1.9. Bug #24650 by tiburon.

    • Fixed scanning constants for if/end, etc. pairs. Bug #24609 by Ryan Davis.

    • Fixed private methods in the C parser. Bug #24599 by Aaron Patterson.

    • Fixed display of markup on RDoc main page. Bug #24168 by rhubarb.

    • Fixed display of \ character in documentation proceeding words. Bug #22112 by James Gray. See RDoc for details.

    • Fixed parsing and display of arg params for some corner cases. Bug #21113 by Csiszár Attila.

    • Fixed links in Files box. Patch #24403 by Eric Wong.

    • Toplevel methods now appear in Object. Bug #22677 by Ryan Davis.

    • Added back –promiscuous which didn't do anything you cared about. Why did you enable it? Nobody looked at that page! Oh, it warns, too.

2.4.1 / 2009-02-26

  • 1 Minor Enhancements

    • Added :attr:, :attr_reader:, :attr_writer:, :attr_accessor: directives. Replaces –accessor. See RDoc::Parser::Ruby for details.

  • 3 Bug Fixes

    • Don't complain when exiting normally. Bug by Matt Neuburg.

    • Restore –inline-source that warns

    • Fixed links to files in Darkfish output

2.4.0 / 2009-02-24

  • 9 Minor Enhancements

    • `ri -f html` is now XHTML-happy

    • Clarified RDoc::Markup link syntax. Bug #23517 by Eric Armstrong.

    • Number of threads to parse with is now configurable

    • Darkfish can now use alternate templates from $LOAD_PATH via -T

    • Removed F95 parser in favor of the rdoc-f95 gem

    • Moved HTML and XML generators to unmaintained

      • No gem will be provided as it's too difficult to make them work

      • Removed options –one-file, –style=, –inline-source, –promiscuous, –op-name

    • Removed support for –accessor, use regular documentation or the method directive instead. See RDoc::Parser::Ruby

    • Removed –ri-system as it is unused by Ruby's makefiles

    • Added method list to index.html

  • 6 Bug Fixes

    • A class marked nodoc no longer appears in the index. Bug #23751 by Clifford Heath.

    • Fix 1.9 compatibility issues. Bug #23815 by paddor.

    • Darkfish now respects –charset

    • RDoc no longer attempts to be lazy when building HTML. This is a workaround. Bug #23893 by Stefano Crocco.

    • RDoc doesn't crash with def (blah).foo() end

    • RDoc doesn't crash with #define functions

2.3.0 / 2009-01-28

  • 3 Major Enhancements

    • Michael Granger's Darkfish generator is now the default for HTML output

    • Various rdoc generation speedups by Hongli Lai. Patches #22555, #22556, #22557, #22562, #22565.

    • rdoc/discover.rb files are loaded automatically from installed gems

  • 8 Minor Enhancements

    • Added a space after the commas in ri class method lists. RubyForge enhancement #22182.

    • Improved ri –interactive

    • Generators can now override generated file locations

    • Moved unmaintained CHM generator to it's own package

    • Moved unmaintained extra HTML templates to their own package

    • Removed experimental texinfo generator

    • Converted to minitest

    • Known classes and modules list outputs once per line now for grep

  • 11 Bug Fixes

    • Fix missing superclass in ri output

    • Fix an RDoc crash when told to parse an empty file

    • Ignore nonexistent files instead of crashing

    • .txt and .rdoc files are always considered text. Patch #22897 by Aaron Patterson.

    • When merging ri data with a nonexistent directory, RDoc no longer crashes

    • Fix visibility of methods in XML output. Issue by Yehuda Katz.

    • Fixed relative link generation

    • Fix crash, RDoc now ignores comments above local variable assignments in modules

    • RDoc now only accepts adjacent comments for rb_define_module and rb_define_class

    • C file RDoc is no longer included in token stream

    • Scan all gem paths to match gem name for ri output

2.2.1 / 2008-09-24

This version provides some minor fixes and enhancements to 2.2.0 intended to polish RDoc for Ruby 1.9.1.

  • 3 Minor Enhancements

    • Support for parsing RDoc from SWIG. Ruby patch #10742 by Gonzalo Garramuno, #13993 by Steven Jenkins.

    • Simple support for Perl POD documentation. Patch by Hugh Sasse.

    • Changed the default character set of RDoc's output from iso-8859-1 to utf-8.

  • 9 Bug Fixes

    • Explicitly set the html template's text color, so that the generated documentation will display correctly on browsers with custom text and background color settings (patch by Luther Thompson).

    • Ensure that RDoc correctly will associate an alias and a method, even if it encounters the alias first because the alias lives in a different file.

    • Fix the parsing of multiline constants (patch by Chris Alfeld and Joel VanderWerf)

    • Make –exclude usuable. Ruby patch #11671 by Trans.

    • Detect inline C functions. Ruby Bug #11993 by Florian Frank.

    • Fix an issue in which RDoc might not document a class' superclass correctly if the class was defined in multiple files and depending on the order in which RDoc processed the files. This should ensure that the child class -> parent class relationship is correct in ri documentation, allowing ri to lookup inherited methods (i.e.,

    • Stop ri from crashing when it looks for a completely bogus method (i.e., File#reada). Now, ri exits with a helpful error message.

    • Fixed missing display of constant values in ri.

    • Fixed display of constants in ri's html output.

2.2.0 / 2008-09-19

This version includes some significant enhancements to ri. See RI.txt for documentation about ri.

  • 5 Major Enhancements

    • More extensive unit tests (special thanks to Chris Lowis for contributing a test).

    • Made ri twice as fast for the most common use case of displaying information for a class or a fully-qualified method (i.e., ri Array#flatten, after ri has created a cache the first time that it runs).

    • Made ri many times faster when searching for an unqualified method (i.e., ri read, again after the first such search has populated ri's cache)

    • Changed ri to do regular expression searches for unqualified methods; now, a regular expression for a method can be passed to ri on the command-line.

    • Added an interactive mode to ri (patch by Daniel Choi). Now, when ri is given a -i argument, it will allow the user to disambiguate unqualified methods if more than one is present and also will allow a user to get information for a class' method.

  • 8 Minor Enhancements

    • RDoc now adds the package title to the web pages that it generates for files and classes/modules, which helps them appear better in search engine results.

    • RDoc now automatically generates cross-reference links for classes and methods specified relative to the global namespace (i.e., ::A::B::C#method).

    • All built-in templates now output valid, strict XHTML.

    • The documentation is slightly better organized (the markup details were merged into the RDoc module's documentation).

    • Improved rdoc's HTML generation speed by about 20% (on Windows, the boost seems larger).

    • Provided an ri command-line option to control its caching behavior.

    • Improved RDoc's documentation. Added RI.txt to document ri.

    • Allow HTML templates distributed as gems to be loaded with the -T option, just like the standard templates in rdoc/generator/html (so an HTML template lib/new_template.rb in a gem can be used with rdoc -T new_template)

  • 25 Bug fixes:

    • Fixed prototype detection in C parser. Can process ruby 1.8 C files again.

    • Fixed the main page for frameless template. Patch by Marcin Raczkowski.

    • Fixed the main page for frame templates. Now, if no main page is specified, RDoc will default to the README.

    • Fixed missing stylesheet in generated chm. Patch by Gordon Thiesfeld.

    • Fixed the parsing of module names starting with '::'. Patch by Giuseppe Bilotta.

    • Fixed a case where RDoc first would encounter Foo::Bar and then would encounter class Foo. Previously, RDoc erroneously would have considered that both a Foo class and a Foo module existed.

    • Fix a class where RDoc would not generate correct cross-reference links to a class contained within a module of the same name (i.e. RDoc::RDoc)

    • Prevented RDoc from trying to parse binary files, which would produce garbage output.

    • RDoc now correctly converts ' characters to apostrophes, opening single quotes, and closing single quotes in most cases (smart single quotes).

    • RDoc now correctly converts “ characters to opening double quotes and and closing double quotes in most cases (smart double quotes).

    • © correctly is converted into the copyright symbol.

    • '&' characters in text now correctly are translated to HTML character codes.

    • Fixed missing stylesheet in generated chm. Patch by Gordon Thiesfeld.

    • Fixed broken method links in the built-in templates.

    • RDoc properly links to files and classes in the one page HTML template.

    • The kilmer and hefss templates properly syntax highlight when inlining source code.

    • The kilmer and hefss template class pages properly display methods again.

    • Fixed broken class, file, and method links in the frameless template.

    • Fixed the clipping of source code in the html and frameless templates when the source code cannot fit into the window; a scrollbar now will allow all of the source code to be viewed.

    • Fixed the missing constant descriptions in the html and frameless templates.

    • Fixed the ri command-line options that customize the directories to be searched for documentation.

    • Fixed the XML generator. Patch by Anthony Durity.

    • Stopped the XML template from generating invalid XML due to malformed embedded ruby.

    • Adding missing information about a class' constants to the XML template.

    • Fixed the horizontal rule markup (—) so that it correctly adds a horizontal rule rather than suppressing all text that follows.

2.1.0 / 2008-07-20

  • 3 Major Enhancements:

    • RDoc now knows about meta-programmed methods, see RDoc::Parser::Ruby

    • Reorganized parsers under RDoc::Parser base class

    • ri now walks the ancestors of a class looking for a method e.g. ri File#read displays documentation for IO#read (may require regeneration of ri data)

  • 5 Minor Enhancements:

    • Allow links to files

    • Default options now taken from RDOCOPT environment variable

    • Class method documentation can be found at toplevel now (def

    • Allow HTML templates distributed as gems to be loaded with the -T option, just like the standard templates in rdoc/generator/html (so an HTML template lib/new_template.rb in a gem can be used with rdoc -T new_template)

    • `rdoc -v` prints out files, classes, modules and methods as it goes

  • 11 Bug Fixes:

    • `ri` now looks for class methods also

    • Sections work in the default template again

    • Doesn't warn about :foo

      list item being an unrecognized directive

    • RDoc no longer converts characters inside tt tags

    • Fixed “uninitialized constant RDoc::Markup::ToHtml::HTML”

    • Fixed generation of relative links

    • Fixed various diagram generation issues

    • Fixed templates broken by switch to erb

    • Fixed issue with <!– –> style comments

    • Lowercase words are no longer rdoc'd as methods without leading #, as described in the documentation

    • RDoc now correctly sets superclasses if they were originally unknown

2.0.0 / 2008-04-10

  • 3 Major Enhancements:

    • Renamespaced everything RDoc under the RDoc module.

    • New `ri` implementation.

      • Reads from a cache in ~/.ri/ for enhanced speed.

      • RubyGems aware, only searches latest gem versions.

    • Now up to over 100 tests and 200 assertions.

  • 4 Minor Enhancements:

    • Switched to an ERb-based TemplatePage, see RDoc::TemplatePage.

    • Class/module ri now displays attribute and constant comments.

    • Cross-references can be disabled with a leading .

    • Relaxed parsing for some RDoc inline markup.

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