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Python Script to Generate Figures
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Wisdom of Multiple Guesses Scripts

This repository is a compendium to the folowing paper:

  • J. Ugander, R. Drapeau, C. Guestrin, "The Wisdom of Multiple Guesses", EC 2015. PDF

The paper contains two experiments comparing different scoring rules for eliciting uncertainty in a simple "Dot Guessing Game" run on Amazon Mechanical Turk.


Results from the two experiments are labelled as:

  • Mulitple Guesses Experiment = mge

  • Interval Comparison Experiment = ice

{experiment label}_{condition}.csv

These CSV file contain the guesses and answers for a section of the game run in each of {experiment label}. The files contain a participant id, the index position where the image was shown, the time it took to complete the image (in milliseconds), followed by the responses the person made spanning a variable number of fields. The responses vary based on the {condition}, which indicates what type of guess the participant was asked for (1 guess, 2 guess or 3 guess for mge; 2 guess or interval for ice). Lastly, the correct answer (the true number of dots) is given.

{experiment label}_{users}.csv

Thie file contains the scores that each participant finished the experiment with. For more details about the scoring functions used, please see the paper.

Running Instructions

Running python will generate the result figures in the paper. Note that NUM_BOOTSTRAP_SAMPLES is set to 1000 here, whereas it was set to 10000 for the figures in the paper. If NUM_BOOTSTRAP_SAMPLES is too low then the MSE (mean squared error) may be zero for easy images for some estimators (median estimators in particular), leading to irregularities when ratios of MSEs are computed. If this happens, increase NUM_BOOTSTRAP_SAMPLES.

Please use Python 2.7 and matplotlib version 1.3.1 or higher.

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