YeahConsole turns an xterm into a gamelike console (forked).
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rduplain Added yeahconsole*restartHidden resource option.
   * if yeahconsole*restartHidden is 0: no change to behavior
   * if yeahconsole*restartHidden is 1: console is hidden/rolled-up on restart

yeahconsole restarts on exit when yeahconsole*restart is 1.
Attention is given to avoid focus stealing on restartHidden.
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Please read all of this to fully understand options/features of yeahconsole...
Since I'm lazy this  file is also a CHANGELOG...

New in 0.3.4:
Readded the help message (yeahconsole -h).
Resizing the console with the mouse has been improved.

New in 0.3.3:

Support for rxvt-unicode has been added, you can specify 
yeahconsole*term:urxvt (or urxvtc if you have urxvtd running) in your .Xdefaults.
An option to restart the terminal has been added (yeahconsole*restart: 1).
All commandline option are passed to the terminal now (if you specify 
"-e someprog" it must be the last option)
The autoconf crap has been removed....

Installation: make;make install
Yeahconsole can be configured via xresources:

put something like  
in your .Xdefaults.

"foo" can be any standard xresource from xterm (see man xterm) or:

restart:        0 (default) or 1 should the terminal restart?
term:           terminal to use (valid:urxvt, urxvtc, xterm(default))
screenWidth:    width (defaults to display width)
consoleHeight:  number of lines (defaults to 10)
xOffset:        x position (defaults to 0)
aniDelay:       delay for the slide animation (defaults to 40)
stepSize:	    step size for the animation (defaults to 1)
handleWidth:    width for the resize handle (defaults to 3)
handleColor:    color for the handle    (defaults to grey70)

Keycombos are specified as follows: 

[any combination of "Win" "Alt" "Control" or "None"]+[name of key]

eg. ControlAlt+y,  Control+asciitilde, Win+c, ControlAltWin+y ,None+Menu,....
(the order of modifiers doesn't matter)

toggleKey:      key combo that toggles yeahconsole (defaults to ControlAlt+y)
keyBigger:      increase  height of yeahconsole (default: Control+KP_Add)
keySmaller:     decrease height of yeahconsole (default: Control+KP_Subtract) 
keyFull:	    toggle fullscreenmode (default: Alt+F11)

xOffset and screenWidth are useful if you use a xinerama setup.
Here is what mine looks like:


If you need the name of a "special" key use xev  or have a look in

New in 0.3.2:  

Yeahconsole looks up it xresources by its name, that means you can have multiple
instances of yeahconsole with different settings. To make this happen just make
a symbolic link to yeahconsole with a different name, e.g yeahconsole2, and
yeahconsole will look up it's resources in the form "yeahconsole2*foo:value".
You have to specify atleast different toggle keys for all running instances.

A "-e" option has been added to start an initial programm at startup. 

The console window can be switched to fullscreen by hitting Alt+F11 (settable via

A "yeahconsole*stepSize:" option has been added to control the slide animation,
any value greater 0 will be added to the stepsize so the animation will be
faster and less cpu hungry. If you specify 0 the animation is disabled.

New in 0.3.1:
All focus issues got ironed out (I hope so).
A dummy xerror function has been added to avoid crashes.
Modifier and key are now specified with one resource(see below).
Changed resource "height" "consoleHeight" since it interferes with xterm.

New in 0.3:

The console window can now be resized (hit Control + keypad {plus/minus} or 
simply drag the grey border with your mouse). Improved focus handling. The
height is now counted in number of lines. Some new xresources (see below).

New in 0.2:

The modifier for the toggle key can now be configured through xresources.You can
also use yeahconsole without a modifier.See below for details.

Yeahconsole puts an xterm window on top of your screen that behaves like a 
console found in many games ( similar to kuake). It's visibility can be
toggled by a keyboard shortcut (Control+Alt+y).
You will need xterm version 168 or higher (comes with XFree86 4.2.1) to make
this work.