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General Onboarding Steps

  • 1. Read Code of Conduct
  • 2. Check if you're interested in any issues on GitHub or stories on Jira.
  • 3. Join our Slack (our primary communication channel)
  • 4. Fill out our onboarding form to help us align your skills to our needs (and keep track of all the volunteers).
  • 5. Read through the Teams Section and decide which team(s) you would like to join. Then follow these steps to get access to the teams
    • 5.1 Express your interest to team leads and ask to join Slack team channel (You can find the team leads Slack account and Slack team channel name in the Teams Section)
    • 5.2 Request to be assigned an issue - If you haven't done it in step 1, go ahead and comment the issue you want to start working, then we can assign you!
    • 5.3 Request any contact listed in Teams to add you to JIRA, Google Drive, GitHub (for developers), and team meetings.
    • 5.4 If you are a developer, feel free to schedule time with @Ethan Strominger using for an orientation and/or pair programming.
  • 5. If you are joining as a developer, read instructions for contributing.
  • 6. You're all set! For more information, please check out the Important Resources Section.


  • Leadership (Shayan [Lead])

  • Development (#team-development: @Joseph [Lead], @Ethan Strominger)

  • Design (UI / UX) (#team-design: @Sam [UX Lead])

  • Marketing (#team-marketing: @Yi Zhou, @Shayan [Lead])

  • Community Managers (We want you!)

    We have a large volume of users joining and hoping to volunteer for the project. We need someone to warmly welcome newcomers to the project and ensure there is as little friction as possible for the new volunteers, so that they are able to provide valuable contributions as quickly as possible!

    • Help engage and onboard incoming volunteers
    • Work with social media managers to generate social content that will drive communications

Important Resources

Reach4Help Map Data Entry Guide for populating new organizations data into the Mutual Aid Map

Reach4Help Official Website