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* refactor: use a flat layout for monorepo packages

* build: update eslintignore, prettierignore

* build: update packages

* build: pnp updates, add missing ts sdk

* test: add test-backend dep

* test: fix jest tests

* chore: add semver document

* ci: skip version check on release branches

* build: add rimraf dep to docsite

* build: update docsite deploy action

* build: restore old coverage scope

* ci: update codecov action version

* build: parallelize some build tasks

* build: update coverage glob

* ci: update docsite deploy source path

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React DnD

Drag and Drop for React.

See the docs, tutorials and examples on the website:

See the changelog on the Releases page:

Questions? Find us on the Reactiflux Discord Server (#need-help)

Technical Details

  • ES Modules w/ Embedded CJS for Jest Testing
  • Ships w/ TS Typings
  • Browserlist Target: >0.25%, not dead

Shoutouts 🙏

BrowserStack Logo

Big thanks to BrowserStack for letting the maintainers use their service to debug browser issues.

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