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Routing and navigation for your React Native apps
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satya164 feat: add a `ServerContainer` component for SSR (#8297)
When doing SSR, the app needs to be aware of request URL to render correct navigation state.
The `ServerContainer` component lets us pass the `location` object to use for SSR.
The shape of the `location` object matches the `location` object in the browser.


  <ServerContainer location={{ pathname: req.path, search: }}>
    <App />

Updated example: #8298
Latest commit 68e750d May 24, 2020


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example chore: add linking prefix for expo to slience the warning May 23, 2020
jest Correcting spelling 'Supress' > 'Suppress' (#7731) Mar 6, 2020
packages feat: add a `ServerContainer` component for SSR (#8297) May 24, 2020
scripts chore: update prettier Mar 22, 2020
.eslintignore refactor: move types and base router to routers package Feb 10, 2020
.eslintrc.json chore: remove native-stack from the repo Feb 19, 2020
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lerna.json chore: prepare for stable release (#354) Feb 5, 2020
netlify.toml chore: add config for netlify Apr 12, 2020
package.json chore: fix repo url in readme (#8235) May 14, 2020
tsconfig.json fix: make sure paths aren't aliased when building definitions Jan 13, 2020
yarn.lock feat: update react-native-safe-area-context to 1.0.0 (#8182) May 21, 2020

React Navigation 5

Build Status Code Coverage MIT License

Routing and navigation for your React Native apps.

Documentation can be found at

If you are looking for version 4, the code can be found in the 4.x branch.


Please read through our contribution guide a to get started!

Installing from a fork on GitHub

Since we use a monorepo, it's not possible to install a package from the repository URL. If you need to install a forked version from Git, you can use gitpkg.

First install gitpkg:

yarn global add gitpkg

Then follow these steps to publish and install a forked package:

  1. Fork this repo to your account and clone the forked repo to your local machine
  2. Open a Terminal and cd to the location of the cloned repo
  3. Run yarn to install any dependencies
  4. If you want to make any changes, make them and commit
  5. Now cd to the package directory that you want to use (e.g. cd packages/stack for @react-navigation/stack)
  6. Run gitpkg publish to publish the package to your repo

After publishing, you should see something like this:

Package uploaded to<user>/<repo>.git with the name <name>

You can now install the dependency in your project:

yarn add <user>/<repo>.git#<name>

Remember to replace <user>, <repo> and <name> with right values.

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