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brettdh and vonovak Update NavigationService example for v3 (#317)
I am trying to follow these two doc pages in conjunction:

- https://reactnavigation.org/docs/en/app-containers.html
- https://reactnavigation.org/docs/en/navigating-without-navigation-prop.html

Though the "Navigating without the navigation prop" seems out of date since the introduction of explicit app containers in v3, the **App Containers** page indicates that I can get a ref on the _container_ that functions just like a navigator. After a couple of false starts, I stumbled upon what seems to be the correct setup, but it would have been helpful to start from a working example without having to infer the correct combination.

My minimal working example:


Possibly related: react-navigation/react-navigation#5252
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React Navigation website

Run it locally

  1. Clone the repository
  2. cd into the website directory.
  3. Run yarn (or npm install)
  4. yarn start

Make changes

  • The docs directory contains the markdown files used to generate the website. Change them and refresh the page when running the documentation locally and you will see the changes reflected.
  • If you want to add a new page, you need to add it to sidebars.json and then restart the server.

Download the latest translations

  • Configure CROWDIN_DOCUSAURUS_PROJECT_ID and CROWDIN_DOCUSAURUS_API_KEY environment variables (ask @brentvatne if you need access).
  • cd website and run yarn crowdin-upload and then yarn crowdin-download

Deploy it

Before deploying, be sure to download the latest translations!

Only collaborators on this repository can deploy. cd into the website directory and run the following command from the source branch:

GIT_USER=your_github_username \
CURRENT_BRANCH=your_branch_name \
USE_SSH=true \
yarn run publish-gh-pages

Deploy a pre-release

GIT_USER=your_github_username \
CURRENT_BRANCH=your_branch_name \
USE_SSH=true \
yarn run publish-gh-pages