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Mailchimp Open Commerce

Open source JavaScript commerce platform.


  1. cli Public

    A command line tool for creating, developing and deploying Open Commerce projects

    JavaScript 4 8

  2. reaction Public

    Mailchimp Open Commerce is an API-first, headless commerce platform built using Node.js, React, GraphQL. Deployed via Docker and Kubernetes.

    JavaScript 12k 2.2k

  3. Reaction Admin

    JavaScript 85 79

  4. Example Storefront is Reaction Commerce’s headless ecommerce storefront - Next.js, GraphQL, React. Built using Apollo Client and the commerce-focused React UI components provided in the Storefront …

    JavaScript 599 282

  5. kinetic Public

    Kinetic introduces a suite of opinionated admin tools that internal teams can use to manage and run their stores on Open Commerce.

    TypeScript 5 1


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