EcmaScript Language Support for Eclipse Vert.x
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This is the EcmaScript (5.1+) language support for Eclipse Vert.x

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Create a project:

# create a generic project
mkdir my-app
cd my-app
npm init -y
# init the es4x bits
npx es4x-cli init
# add dependencies
npm install @vertx/unit --save-dev
npm install @vertx/core --save-prod
# will trigger the download
# of the java dependencies
npm install

Create your index.js:

/// <reference types="@vertx/core/runtime" />
// @ts-check

  .requestHandler(function (req) {

console.log('Server listening at: http://localhost:8080/');

and your index.test.js:

import { TestSuite } from '@vertx/unit';

const suite = TestSuite.create("the_test_suite");

suite.test("my_test_case", function (context) {
  var s = "value";
  context.assertEquals("value", s);
npm start



For more documentation please see docs.