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vraa commented Jan 10, 2017

I am working on a React / Redux web application. In the beginning of the project, I had a very good understanding of my application state. But, as the code base grows, I tend to put more and more attributes to the application state through reducers. The problem here is, if a new person joining my project, he may not have a clear knowledge about all the attributes that are already there in the state.

Right now, I am just using a commented out Object in a file called state.js to describe all the attributes in the state.

    APP_STATE = {
        attribute1 : '',
        attribute2 : '',
        attribute3 : [],
        attribute4 : {
            key: ''

The question is: Is there better way to document the structure of my application state so that it is easy to make sense? What approach do you guys use?

JacobSoderblom commented Jan 17, 2017 edited

Depending on your structure, I think wp-calypso does a great job on that. They have selectors, reducers, constants, actions and a file that holds most of the documentation, all of them in same dir. Look below!


Check them out!

vraa commented Jan 17, 2017

@JacobSoderblom that's interesting. May be a similar approach with reduced complexity and structure will work for small scale apps. Thanks.

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