Who uses Redux? #310

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gaearon commented Jul 23, 2015

If your company is using Redux in production, please let us know who are you so we can mention you in the new README.

@gaearon gaearon added the question label Jul 23, 2015

We haven't shipped yet, but we are using Redux for segment.social. It will be interesting to see how things go over the next month of developmentβ€”currently at 12 reducers and 11 action creators. Code splitting is definitely happening in the near future. πŸ˜„

bkonkle commented Jul 23, 2015

We'll be using Redux for Craftsy.com in 6 months or so, when our rewrite launches. πŸ˜€

cymen commented Jul 23, 2015 edited

I'm using it on Defero which is one of my side projects.


We are about to launch an app here at Invitae.

acdlite commented Jul 23, 2015

We're using it at OpenGov

On Thu, Jul 23, 2015 at 1:21 PM, Brandon Konkle notifications@github.com

We'll be using Redux for Craftsy.com in 6 months or so, when our rewrite launches. πŸ˜€

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Starting a new project at BitGym but far from live.


We're using it at UXtemple :)

troch commented Jul 23, 2015

I have plans to make a router I wrote router5 and redux work together, and use them in an application I am currently developing

emmenko commented Jul 23, 2015

Obviously also using it for the rewrite of our backend web application at http://sphere.io (production ready on Q4) ;)


Just deployed Redux at farely.io. Repo here.

Really great job with 1.0.0-rc. I had difficulty with previous versions, but this is tops πŸ‘Œ!


We're using it at Citiesense! (Haven't shipped it to production yet, though...)


We are at Grailed and love it! Cheers 🍻


We are using it at Mink on a project we are currently working on. It'll be released probably in Q4 2015 or Q1 2016.


We'll be using it in production for InventoryBase in a few weeks; the start of a gradual migration away from Backbone to React & Redux :)


We're using it in production at Rackspace.


We're using it at Blink Health


We're using it at Expedite Financial for internal apps. Hope to move it to our consumer app too.


We are using it at Real Geeks.

luqin commented Jul 27, 2015


ide commented Jul 28, 2015

We're using it in Exponent. The website uses Redux with universal rendering, and the Exponent app uses Redux (1.0RC -- working well) with React Native.


@ide buttons don't work if you have adblock and ghostery, which I'd assume are very common among web developers


We're using it at KodersLab, we are rewriting our CMS control panel from Angular to React.

leoasis commented Aug 8, 2015

We're using it in Power Supply in production, though for now in some admin only features (slowly getting to the non admins!). Also using it in a React Native app which will be released soon!


We're using it at Ubiregi.com, instead of Backbone. maybe new version will release next month or this year later, i think Redux is very good, but, there are lots of think have to do. we check fb's Flux and this. i love Redux, and its middleware. i holp my friends will accept it . love it πŸ‘

davezuko commented Sep 6, 2015

We're switching our latest projects over from Angular to React at Gas Station TV, and Redux is a core part of the new stack!


We're using it at smart scheduling! Thanks for all your hard work @gaearon!


Mozilla appear to be using it for https://github.com/mozilla/payments-ui

ghost commented Sep 10, 2015

We're using it at lancers.jp. we plan to replace the system in Redux and it will release next month

FredyC commented Sep 10, 2015

Redux is used in our currently developed application TextoGrafo.


We made a Redux Blog Example extracted of out internal app. Would be cool to hear what you guys think!



We're using Redux for two new projects at Lookout. Should be in production on both in the next few months.


NCR is using it. We are not in production yet but heading there. We are also hiring in Edinburgh Scotland.


Since 1.0 we are happily using it at Skypicker. We are also hiring in Czech Republic, offering relocation.

ghost commented Sep 27, 2015

Just finished the refactor/migration from Marty to Redux at Tourconnect - will be on staging for ~2 weeks then off to production!


I'm doing a complete UI rewrite using Redux + React at Briggo.


We using Redux for next production at Boomerang Vietnam

naoufal commented Oct 18, 2015

We're use it at Busbud. We lean on Redux to handle state on the server and on the client.


Not quite using it yet, but seriously considering it for some internal-only UIs here at Stack Overflow

omnidan commented Oct 19, 2015

Not a company, but at the Technical University of Vienna, we use it, for example, to auto-save our multiple-choice exams on every student action.


Raise is using it! We're moving more and more UI to React and Redux has been a critical part of the process.

dmr commented Oct 20, 2015

At http://netsyno.com we are using React and Redux in many projects nowadays :)


We use it for all new UI development at http://moviepilot.com :-)


We use it at http://www.orckestra.com/. @wbuchwalter and I has been inspired by redux so we use it in production with ng-redux for new web development and redux.NET with Xamarin for mobile apps.


We're using it for new features at Patreon! Some large stuff shipping in a few weeks. Glad we could have you on the site as a creator, too.


We're using it in production at Billogram.



Hagbarth commented Nov 6, 2015

Hivebeat uses redux heavily!

Edit: We also use it in our new React Native app.

willerce commented Nov 6, 2015

Wechat City Service is using it.

ken210 commented Nov 10, 2015

We're using it in some internal tools at loggi

gaearon commented Nov 10, 2015

Firefox DevTools:

To give some more details about how Firefox devtools is using all of this, the new memory tool is fully written in React and Redux, and I'm cleaning up the debugger to use Redux. I am very, very close in landing that work. I have only cleaned up the core of the debugger, but that's the hardest part. Interestingly, I am not even using React yet. Watch my Strange Loop talk to see how I'm using Redux without React.



We're using it in production at cSphere.

tonyhb commented Nov 12, 2015

Docker uses redux in its enterprise version of Hub, and soon all frontend projects

orodio commented Dec 1, 2015

Using it for a bunch of things at https://sitepoint.com

pke commented Dec 2, 2015

The new evopark app for IOS, Android and Windows Phone will be written in react/redux combined with Cordova.
Admin interface of the backend will also be gradually reduxed.


We use it for render real-time searching jobs on sudo.com.tw
Some of the complex real-time forms used redux, and it works amazingly!

sapegin commented Dec 3, 2015

We use Redux at Here for our internal tools.


Saks Fifth Avenue are rolling out a responsive redesign with Redux. Deployed, with banana phone, here: http://m.saks.com/pd.jsp?productCode=0400088683892&R=888736866554&P_name=Tory+Burch&sid=1516915B13DF&Ntt=banana&N=0&bmUID=l5uu4hN

tbloncar commented Dec 5, 2015

We're using Redux at OpenArc.


We are using it at SIROK, Inc.


We are using Redux at AkutBolig.dk


All new developments at www.zeetings.com use Redux. Awesome work!


Everything outside the landing page www.mygravity.co

For PluralThinker (no site yet) I'm using Relay for most data but redux for things like managing WebRTC connections, form state, etc.


Spent last night refactoring the UI component for our settings/config library at Stack Overflow to use redux. It simplified the components immensely. Great work!

dangoor commented Jan 4, 2016

We're using Redux in parts of Khan Academy and I expect it to spread over time.

cshenoy commented Jan 4, 2016

We've been using Redux at UrbanStems for a couple months now. That along with React has provided a much better dev experience not only for the developers but also the design team.


We're using it for an internal dashboard at Auth0. To be honest, features like reducers and middleware Redux but also the ecosystem around it (redux-simple-router, redux-form, ...) make everything so much simpler. A big thanks to the whole community who made this possible.

tarajane commented Jan 4, 2016

We’re using Redux in production at FiftyThree as of about a month ago. Spent the time to migrate over our entire app, and are already feeling the benefits in new feature development. Thanks to all contributors for the killer work!

VinSpee commented Jan 7, 2016

We're using it in production at http://my.bankrate.com - slowly taking over one feature at a time. Biggest chunk is https://my.bankrate.com/get-started/personal-loans - rolling out a new version using FSAs everywhere and react router/redux-simple-router soon


At Airtime, we switched from Angular to React and are using Redux to build our WebRTC web client


Viewpost.com has been using it in production for a couple months with great success

nikdo commented Jan 11, 2016

I migrated WindFreaks from Flux to Redux succesfully.


brightwheel uses redux in production along with other community modules like normalizr and redux-form πŸŽ‰πŸ™Œ


We're using it for internal tools at https://www.knip.ch/

ianks commented Jan 15, 2016

We are using it at AdHawk. Our web-app isn't live yet but soon it will be :)

ateev commented Jan 19, 2016

We're using it in HealthFeed, a platoform for health blogs written by real doctors.


www.workpop.com is using it!


We're using it at Connected Data.

zebapy commented Jan 28, 2016

We're using it for the entire website and deck builder "app" Fateseal



lapanoid commented Feb 9, 2016

We use Redux at educative(link on demo page to try it out), article and courses publishing platform.

gaearon commented Feb 9, 2016

Uber uses Redux

screen shot 2016-02-09 at 21 00 22




We use redux for all the things at Getable :)


Equinox fitness clubs! http://www.equinox.com/thepursuitbyequinox (the games, not the site)

wbeard commented Feb 9, 2016

We use it at CA Agile Central


We use it at Zalando


We are using on a couple of things and soon to be a lot more at lostmy.name

zoontek commented Feb 9, 2016

We start using it at Colisweb


We use it for a couple of new projects at Balatin, so far, so good!


We are using it at Czech project Hele by Slevomat.


We use it at Socialtables as well

eoin commented Feb 9, 2016

We're using Redux at Intercom. Thanks @gaearon!

kentor commented Feb 9, 2016

We use it at Rescale

ajwhite commented Feb 9, 2016

We use it at Robin Powered. Great work @gaearon and community.

Shenlok commented Feb 9, 2016

We're using it at HubSpot


@mbrochh RE: React Native Navigator + Redux. Probably this could help, stumbled upon recently, haven't tried: aksonov/react-native-router-flux, evolved from aksonov/react-native-redux-router.


We're using it here at BevSpot for some of our app pages! It's been great so far.

bardt commented Feb 10, 2016

We at 2gis.com use Redux for several internal and experimental projects, not the main project yet.


We use it at Edusight

pqr commented Feb 10, 2016

We use Redux at http://www.forward-hkg.com - doing really smart and sophisticated income/expenses calculator and rates management tool for Ocean Freight shipments. internal tool, can't share :(


We love Redux at Civil.

jans510 commented Feb 10, 2016

We are using it for our web applications at Zalando.

akhar commented Feb 10, 2016

We use Redux at http://rcbi.company for industrial control UIs.

Khouba commented Feb 10, 2016

Ticketinghub for dashboard, not in production, yet.


at deskbookers we use it with React Native for our apps


At Lunar Logic we're developing our first app using Redux.

kuy commented Feb 10, 2016

We're using React + Redux at entrepedia in production and have a plan to release a visualization feature for venture companies in Japan.


We are using React with Redux at http://showzee.com. We build hybrid ios app which is coming into the AppStore in a few days (17th of February).

slorber commented Feb 10, 2016

Stample.co is using react-redux and redux-saga, but is not using Redux (yet)

rlucha commented Feb 10, 2016

We use Angular + Redux at https://www.edorasware.com/ for some of our components in a BPM product.

tomkis1 commented Feb 10, 2016

We are using Redux at https://salsitasoft.com


We're using Redux in all of our new projects at Spark Solutions :)

Here's our starter kit (rails + react + redux)


https://simpleweek.com uses Redux for MacOS Electron.js desktop application https://github.com/SimpleWeek


We're using Redux + React at DoorDash for new features.


We are using Redux with Angular 1.5 & ngRedux at Tago.io

everson commented Feb 10, 2016

We have completely rewritten our Angular application into Redux and it is being used in production at nToggle


We'll be using it in production at Multunus when one of our app launches later this month.


We use it to build internal tools and apps for clients at ShellyPalmer.


We use it at Workfront in our new agile tool and soon to be used in the new resource scheduling system and our lists. Thanks!


We use Redux at Whitescape in one project in production, and going to use in all new projects. Thanks a lot for all the great work!


We use it at Adphorus, but not in production yet.

vbud commented Feb 10, 2016

We use it at New Relic. Cheers!

abroz commented Feb 11, 2016

Postman is using Redux internally. We plan to put projects using Redux into production soon. Will update when that happens.

hycner commented Feb 11, 2016

At GoGuardian we're using Redux for all new React work, and have converted most of our old Reflux code to Redux.

a3itj commented Feb 11, 2016

we are using at treebohotels , but not in production yet. Thanks..


We're using it in production at Sycamore Informatics.


We're using Redux in production in some of our projects at EXANTE

JBlaak commented Feb 12, 2016

We're using Redux in production at all of our more extensive React projects at Label305


We're using redux in an upcoming product at EventMobi

mkates commented Feb 16, 2016

We've started using it at Vetcove


EdSurge is: http://EdSurge.com

Gpx commented Feb 22, 2016

At Fundbase we are implementing our version 2.0 in Redux. We plan to release it in public beta by end of April.


We are about to re-launch app.pinipa.com using redux to handle state on the client.


At Procore we are using React, Redux in production for our application page.

aweary commented Mar 8, 2016

We use Redux at Concierge Auctions.


We're using Redux for some production React projects at Philo, and slowly migrating more of our codebase to it.

hyy1115 commented Mar 12, 2016

I come from a Chinese company, is using the redux, I'm just a beginner, interns, many don't understand the concept of redux


We're using redux at Afrostream

jgoux commented Mar 16, 2016

We're using Redux at Labazur ✨


I using Redux in my project QLMBV


Hi all! We use redux + react for LeadScanr, which finds leads from social media in real-time. And now we think to start using redux-saga.

If you want use redux for big real-world app, I would recommend you use feature folders to organize your code.

eduards commented Apr 11, 2016

Hi, we start to use it at Mondo for all our web projects, beginning with the new developer portal.


Hi, we're using it in DeckHub. https://getdeckhub.com


We are using Redux here at Jackpocket for some internal projects


At typeform we're building a complete new version with Redux


We are using it at ZenLocator for some of our newer stuff.

GabiAxel commented May 2, 2016

Docollab uses Redux + react-router-redux + react-redux.

kuy commented May 2, 2016

Twitter for mobile web uses Redux + react-router.


KakaoStock for mobile web uses Redux + react-redux + react-router-redux.

fdaciuk commented May 19, 2016 edited

We're using Redux on use.zimp.me 😁
Our product is not in production yet =)

UPDATE: We are ready now!


We just started using react-redux at WorkMarket. Not in prod yet.


Here in Direct Talk we started to use, It will go to production next week :)


We're using it at Koobcamp S.r.l.

mgvez commented May 21, 2016

We're in the process of rewriting our CMS's admin using Redux, which will be in production by the end of summer.


We're using Redux at Platzi in our new discussion board system for our courses.


xhamster live using redux

michaelrambeau commented Jun 5, 2016 edited

Hello, here is http://bestof.js.org a web application to help developers find the best components of the web platform (JavaScript front and back end, html, css...).


When I started the development, one of the question I wanted to solve was: "Which flux implementation to use ? there is a new library every week!"
One year later, the answer is quite obvious πŸ˜„ , see this ranking => http://bestof.js.org/tags/flux

Dan deserves a place among the greatest in the JavaScript Hall of Fame http://bestof.js.org/hof πŸ† !
Thank you for that great library and for all the eco-system that comes with it.


We use Redux + React for Plaid Link


Neighborhoods.com is built on React and Redux, with 55places.com soon to follow......


Just launched Assertible - QA for the Web. An API testing and monitoring service

Redux is used all throughout the dashboard. React is used on pretty much everything you see, down to the emails!

Thanks for all the hard work @gaearon!

rej156 commented Jun 30, 2016

Arcadia Group is using Redux in a multi-tenant brand application! 7 brand mobile websites in one redux app with 40+ million visitors on Black Friday!


I'm using Redux in https://github.com/HubPress/hubpress.io (source here https://github.com/HubPress/dev.hubpress.io/tree/development)

Redux is awesome, thanks for all the hard work @gaearon!

dattran92 commented Aug 5, 2016 edited

chotot.com is using redux for the dashboard and some other vertical sites. We are moving our projects to using Redux.


sonkwo.com is using redux in mobile

calesce commented Aug 11, 2016

Looks like USA Network is using it for a Mr. Robot promo site (Windows 95-ish emulator): https://www.whoismrrobot.com/

screen shot 2016-08-11 at 1 07 19 am


Just an update from my last post: the entire Viewpost.com app now runs 100% on React/Redux and its been fantastic for our large app

slorber commented Aug 12, 2016 edited

Automattic opensourced SimpleNote and Electron app uses Redux: https://github.com/automattic/simplenote-electron

rage28 commented Aug 23, 2016

Flipkart uses redux..


FareWell uses Redux


Sky ltd UK is using Redux. Great thing I guess!

abpai commented Aug 28, 2016

finbox.io uses Redux 😊


redux / react-native in production for All Square on our iOS app :)

madou commented Sep 1, 2016

gw2armory.com is using redux.


@camiler camiler referenced this issue in camiler/learnblog Sep 8, 2016

[θ―‘]Reduxδ»‹η»ζŒ‡ε— #8

cranberryofdoom commented Sep 13, 2016 edited

JAM.com uses Redux! πŸ’•

mdcosh commented Sep 13, 2016

https://www.pureformulas.com uses redux for mobile web.

dylanpyle commented Oct 6, 2016 edited

We just launched our new Shyp nationwide web product β€” the site and the dashboard itself are 100% React + Redux! We're doing server-side rendering and tons of other cool stuff β€” it's been a blast to work on and the whole ecosystem has felt really productive.


m4r00p commented Oct 17, 2016 edited

TheTypingCat - Online touch typing tutor is using redux.


We are using redux at Aleka.vn


SimpleLTC in an analytics tool for post acute care facilities

cuttlas commented Oct 31, 2016

We are using redux at eventradr.


Irion uses redux, powered by Inglorious Coderz :)


TCIT is using redux on cause management and a gubernamental app conaf-stbn


Just noticed Zillow.com using Redux! They have devtools enabled on the production site πŸ˜„

screen shot 2016-11-24 at 10 38 26 pm

sospedra commented Dec 19, 2016 edited

We're using Redux @Ulabox

a3itj commented Dec 21, 2016

We're using Redux at treebo for desktop web.

floriangosse commented Feb 2, 2017 edited

We are using Redux for all our single page applications at truffls.

luk707 commented Feb 8, 2017

We're using redux for our PaperPix rewrite in 6 months.


We're using Redux for our new MyLife platform over at Finimize

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