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This repo contains resources and scripts to enable translations of

Contributing to translations

Check to see if your language already has a translation effort in progress. Click on "Track Progress" on the language you want to contribute to in order to receive further instructions.

Starting a new translation

If you would like to be the maintainer of a new translation, submit a PR adding it to the list in langs/langs.json with the following information:

  • Language code
  • Language name (in your language)
  • Language name (in English)

For example:

  { "code": "fr", "name": "Français", "enName": "French" },

In the PR comment, please describe your experiences with translation (e.g. links to previous work) and mention all the initial translation maintainers. We prefer more than one maintainer on each repo, so if you're by yourself, we'll leave the PR open for others to join in. If you are a group, please have at least one person other than the PR opener comment, to make sure all people listed actually want to be part of the translation!

Also, please read the Maintainer Responsibilities and make sure that you are comfortable with the responsibilities listed.

Once the PR is accepted, a member of the React team will run a script which will:

  • Create a new repository for you at reactjs/{lang-code}
  • Add/invite all maintainers you provided in the PR comment as administrators of the new repo
  • Create an issue from in the new repository to track your translation progress

File an issue on this repository to apply for a real {lang-code} subdomain once you have a few sections translated and can show sustained progress. Until then, the translation will be hosted at a preview domain.

If you are not a member of the reactjs organization, you should receive an email invite to join. Please accept this invite so you can get admin access to your repository!

You may want to pin the generated issue to make it easier to find.

See Maintainer Tips for additional advice on how to manage your repository.

Happy translating!

Adding a maintainer

If you are currently a maintainer of a translation and want to add another member, do it directly in the Settings panel of your repo.

If you are interested in becoming a maintainer for a translation, please ask one of the current maintainers if they would like to add you. While different maintainers can have different requirements, usually they look for people who have already contributed to the translation already, either by translating or reviewing.

If the translation's existing maintainers become unresponsible for more than a month, please raise an issue on this repository. If you don't receive a response in a week, please escalate the issue to the main React repository.

Before publishing

  1. Review your translations and make sure that the pages listed in "Main Content" are fully translated. Run the site yourself locally to make sure there are no bugs or missing translations.
  2. Raise an issue in this repository so that your translation is added to the list of completed ones
  3. Celebrate! 🎉🌐


This repo, and the bot that makes all this possible, is based off of and iterated upon che-tsumi by the Vue.js Japan User Group.