Realm Browser is a Mac OS X utility to open and modify realm database files.
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Release 2.1.3

Realm Browser

Realm Browser is a small utility for Mac OS X that lets you open .realm files to view and modify their contents.

Realm Browser

Build Status


Mac App Store (Recommended)

Download the app in the Mac App Store.

Manual Build

Download the project, run pod install and build the Realm Browser scheme using Xcode 8.

GitHub Releases

Download the built app in releases.

Homebrew Cask

If you have homebrew installed, simply run brew cask install realm-browser. You may need to run brew cask update if homebrew says realm-browser is not available.

Design Goals

The main design goals of Realm Browser are:

  • Allow quick and easy access to the contents of .realm files.
  • Be able to modify the contents of .realm files without needing to use code.
  • Make it easier to automatically generate Realm Object source files.


See for more details!

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The source code to Realm Browser is licensed under the Apache License 2.0.