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Web based file management

quixplorer is a simple web based file management software. It allows you to:

  • upload and download files to your web server using a web interface
  • define multible users with different acces permissions (read,write,...)


Version 2.5.8 released

This version fixes some encoding issues with different language files and the mim-type bug. Thanks to all contributors!

Version 2.5.7 released

This version fixes a bug that disabled the "password change" function and a bug which evaluated the wrong directory variable when checking wether a download is allowed.

Furthermore, all language files have been converted to utf-8.

Version 2.5.6 released

After releasing version 2.5.5 fixing a vulnerability issue (thanks to for finding it), i still found to bugs regarding the logon procedure and listing symbilic links which have been fixed in this 2.5.6 version.

As long as you don't complain, i would consider this version as quite "stable".

Thanks again to all contributors.

Testing extended

Because of testing makes that much fun, we finally improved our tests, found and fixed some minor bugs and added some tests for the login procedure and the list procedure.

About radish BDD testing

With version 2.5.5 we included some automated testing using the BDD test tool radish.

Currently we only have some automated tests for the 'download multiple files' feature.

For more detailed information, see doc/

Version 2.5.5 released

A vulnerability issue with quixplorer motivated my to make another official release of 'quixplorer' with a bugfix.

This release contains some other improvements and bugfixes found by some people out there. Thanks for that.

Checkout the version from:

Version 2.5.4 released

This version contains several bugfixes introduced by previous versions, thanks to all the people assisted in debugging.

Checkout the version from:

Older news :-)

Take a look at the project's wiki for the older news.


simply upload and download files to your webserver with a web-interface






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