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Purebuilder Simply

Simplified website building system with Pandoc.

What is PureBuilder

PureBuilder is website building script.

What is ACCS

ACCS is site building script for serialized articles.

PB Simply ACCS make with indexes build by PureBuilder.


  • Copy every Ruby script your PATH directory.
  • Make your document root
  • Create and edit .pbsimply.yaml in your document root.
  • Make directory and documents (Markdown or ReSTructured Text)
  • Make template with pandoc -D html5 > template.html and edit it.


  • Ruby >= 2.3
  • Pandoc >= 2.8



Move your document root before running.

pbsimply-pandoc.rb directory

PureBuilder builds documents in the directory.

PureBuilder skip if filename start with draft- or ., or draft value in frontmatter is true.


Option Description
-f Refresh all documents (force update mode.) This options useful when update template.
-I Don't register to index database.
-o FILE Output to FILE.
-m FILE Additional meta (YAML) File.

Make ACCS index

pbsimply-pandoc.rb find ACCS documents directory automatically. You mark as "ACCS documents directory" with putting .accs.yaml file to the directory.

ACCS processor makes and puts index.html file.

Objects for eRuby in document

You can use these objects in eRuby on template or generated document.


Loaded config YAML file (.pbsimply.yaml).


Compiled index.

This object may be uncompleted when generating pbsimply-pandoc.rb.


Document meta data that "default | indexed | frontmatter | current".

Index database

Documents metadata will be stored to index database on each document directory.

Ruby Marshal is used by default, the filename is .indexes.rbm.

If json or oj is set to dbstyle in configuration, JSON is used instead of Ruby Marshal and hhe filename is .indexes.json

Values in config.

Key Type Description
outdir String Base directory for output. Required
template String Path to Pandoc HTML template file. If not set, template is temaplte.html
css String / Array Path to CSS file(s)
toc Boolian Turn on TOC if true
pandoc_additional_options Array Extra pandoc options
post_eruby Boolian Process Pandoc output with eRuby if true
alt_frontmatter Hash Default frontmatter in ACCS index
default_meta Hash Default frontmatter
testserver_port Fixnum Port number of pbsimply-testserver (default 8000)
self_url_prefix String Absolute path prefix for URL of generated document itself instead of /.
self_url_external_prefix String Like self_url_prefix, but it only works on page_url_encoded_external.
dbstyle String If json given, Indexes database is used .indexes.json instead of .indexes.rbm. Also oj is same as it, but use Oj library instead of JSON standard library.
bless_style String If cmd given, blessing with command instead of Ruby procs.
bless_cmd String / Array Command for blessing.
bless_accscmd String / Array Command for ACCS blessing.
blessmethod_accs_rel String Automatic blessing method for find next/prev article.
accs_order String If desc is set, ACCS article list is sorted by descending order (on default template.)
accs_across_category Boolian Don't separate ACCS article lists by category (on default template.)
accs_sort_by String Sorting method for ACCS article list. default (date, title, last update), title (title, date), name (filename, title, date) and serial (serial, date, filename) are avilable. It works on default template.

Special values in @index

Key Set by Used by Description
title frontmatter Pandoc/System Document title. required.
author frontmatter Default template Author.
date frontmatter/system System Date of written
lang frontmatter Pandoc template lang/xml:lang
keywords frontmatter Pandoc template An array, used as keywords in meta tag.
description frontmatter Sample template Used as description in meta tag.
draft frontmatter System Draft status. Skip process document if true.
_last_proced system Integer. DateTime of last processed by PureBuilder. 0 if this document is processed first.
last_updated system String. DateTime of last processed by Pandoc.
_size system File size (byte)
_mtime system Integer. mtime of this file.
_filename system File name
_docformat system Document Format. Markdown or ReST.
categories frontmatter ACCS Document category. Sort documents by this value.
pagetype frontmatter/config ACCS Document type of this page. accsindex is set if processed by ACCS, set post by default.
source_directory system Source directory string. Set by PureBuilder.
source_file system Source Filename. Set by PureBuilder.
source_path system Source path string. Set by PureBuilder.
page_url system This (generated) page's URL. Set by PureBuilder.
page_url_encoded system This (generated) page's URI encoded URL. Set by PureBuilder.
page_url_encoded_external system This (generated) page's URI encoded URL with self_url_external_prefix. Set by PureBuilder.
title_encoded system URI encoded document title. Set by PureBuilder.
timestamp frontmatter system The date and time of the document which is more detailed than date.
timestamp_xmlschema system XML Schema formatted Timestamp. Use date instead of timestamp if timestamp isn't defined.
timestamp_jplocal system Japanese local formatted Timestamp. Use date instead of timestamp if timestamp isn't defined.
timestamp_rubytimestr system Ruby's Time#to_s like formatted Timestamp. Use date instead of timestamp if timestamp isn't defined.
timestamp_str system %Y-%m-%d[ %H:%M:%S %Z]. Use date instead of timestamp if timestamp isn't defined.

Environment variables

Environment variables that able to use in Pre Plugins, Post plugins, Blessing command.

Name Pre Post Bless Description
pbsimply_outdir Yes Yes Yes Path for output directory root.
pbsimply_subdir Yes Yes Yes Path for document directory from document root.
pbsimply_indexes Yes Yes Yes Path for index database.
pbsimply_frontmatter Yes Yes Yes Path for current document's frontmatter (JSON).


CSS, image or link locations should not be local place, path to web URL, so you cannot test generated documents normally case of suppose to put to WWW.

You can test in case like it with pbsimply-testserver.rb.

How to use is very simple.

  1. Move your document root
  2. run it.
  3. access http://localhost:port

You can config port with testserver_port in config file. default is 8000.

If you think to put subdirectory like, I recommend that you put document in site subdirectory, and sync under there.

Pre processing

if you put scripts in .pre_generate, PureBuilder Simply Pandoc executes these files each of before generating.

Scripts are invoked by perl for udnerstanding shebang line.

Each scriped is called with

perl <script> <temporary_source_file>

PureBuilder Simply replaces temporary source file with script output.

Script cannot use index database because this script is called each generating.

Pre script called just before generating. Not called with skipped document.

Post processing

if you put scripts in .post_generate, PureBuilder Simply Pandoc executes these files after generating.

Scripts are invoked by perl for udnerstanding shebang line.

Each scriped is called with

perl <script> <generated_file>

PureBuilder Simply replaces generated file with script output.

Scripts can use index database. You can get database path from $pbsimply_indexes environment variable.

Processing document's meta infomation is in $pbsimply_doc_frontmatter environment variable with YAML.

You can access the document's sub-directory part with $pbsimply_subdir environment variable.

Post script called from generated file list. They aren't called by already generated files without generating this time.


With Ruby

You can modify Frontmatter with Ruby script with .pbsimply-bless.rb file.

If you want to use it, you should PureBuilder::BLESS Proc object in the file. It will be called with, self).

This proc will be called after system paramaters were set.

It don't need to return something. You can modify frontmatter Hash object directly.

When processing directory is an ACCS document directory, PureBuilder::ACCS::BLESS is also called after PureBuilder::BLESS if defined.

You can add keys and Proc values to PureBuilder::ACCS::DEFINTIONS Hash. They are used for setting special value.

Key Function
:next Set returned value to frontmatter["next_article"]
:prev Set returned value to frontmatter["prev_article"]

For example, this is Chienomi's blessing script.


load "./.lib/categories.rb"

  "" => ["TOP", "/"],
  "/articles" => ["Articles", "/#Category"],
  "/override" => ["Override", "/"],
  "/archives" => ["Old Archives", "/articlelist-wp.html"]

ARTICLE_CATS.each do |k,v|
  TOPICPATH[["/articles", k].join("/")] = [v, ["", "articles", k, ""].join("/")]

PureBuilder::BLESS = ->(frontmatter, pb) {
  content = nil
  filetype = nil
  content =["source_path"])
  filetype = File.extname(frontmatter["_filename"])

  url = frontmatter["page_url"].sub(/^\.?\/?/, "/")
  frontmatter["topicpath"] = []
  url = url.split("/")
  (1 .. url.length).each do |i|
    path = url[0, i].join("/")
    if v = TOPICPATH[path]
      frontmatter["topicpath"].push({"title" => v[0], "url" => v[1]})
      frontmatter["topicpath"].push({"title" => frontmatter["title"]})

  if frontmatter["category"] && url.include?("articles")
    frontmatter["category_spec"] = [ARTICLE_CATS[url[-2]], frontmatter["category"]].join("::")

  if content
    if((filetype == ".md" && content =~ %r:\!\[.*\]\(/img/thumb/:) || (filetype == ".rst" || filetype == ".rest") && content =~ %r!\.\. image:: .*?/img/thumb!)
      frontmatter["lightbox"] = true

article_order = nil
rev_article_order_index = {}

PureBuilder::ACCS::BLESS = -> (frontmatter, pb) {
  frontmatter["ACCS"] = true
  unless article_order
    article_order = pb.indexes.to_a.sort_by {|i| i[1]["date"]}
    article_order.each_with_index {|x,i| rev_article_order_index[x[0]] = i }

PureBuilder::ACCS::DEFINITIONS[:next] = ->(frontmatter, pb) {
  index = rev_article_order_index[frontmatter["_filename"]] or next nil
  if article_order[index + 1]
    {"url" => article_order[index + 1][1]["page_url"],
     "title" => article_order[index + 1][1]["title"]}

PureBuilder::ACCS::DEFINITIONS[:prev] = ->(frontmatter, pb) {
  index = rev_article_order_index[frontmatter["_filename"]] or next nil
  if index > 0
    {"url" => article_order[index - 1][1]["page_url"],
     "title" => article_order[index - 1][1]["title"]}

With other language or programs

If cmd is set to bless_style in configuration, use external command instead of Ruby procs.

bless_cmd is command for blessing. bless_accscmd is command for ACCS blessing.

You can read document metadata from .pbsimply-frontmatter.json file, and you can apply changes with write to the file.

Automatic blessing

Some configuration applies prepared blessing method.

ACCS Relation

blessmethod_accs_rel makes next_article and prev_article property. They are an associative array that have keys url and title.

numbering (heading number of filename), lexical (filename), date and timestamp are avilable.


In this repository

Filename Description
pbsimply-testserver.rb Satrt web server for testing.
accsindex.erb Sample for .accsindex.erb. Normaly you don't need to edit template.
docroot-sample For (part) copy to your document root.
template.html Sample for PureBuilder template.
postgenerate Sample files for post generate script.

You put or generated

Filename Place Description
.pbsimply.yaml root Configuration file. Put in document root.
.indexes.rbm each metadata Ruby marshal file generated by PureBuilder Simply.
.indexes.json each metadata JSON file generated by PureBuilder Simply. each Index source generated by ACCS.
.accsindex.erb root or each ACCS Markdown eRuby template for ACCS index.
.accs.yaml each @index for the ACCS index.
.post_generate root Script files for process each documents after generating.
.pre_generate root Script files for process each documents before generating.
.pbsimply-bless.rb root Ruby script for blessing.

Document Sample


This template is associeted to basic blog theme.

I customized:

  • Two Headers. #TopHeader for banner (default display: none), #TitleHeader for title.
  • Main section is wrapped by #MainContainer section.
  • Article body is wrapped by #MainArticle article.
  • Side bar is available as #SideBar section. You can write content with include before function.
  • Author section is deleted.
  • Embedded CSS is deleted.
  • Syntax highlightning theme is deleted. If you need it, get themes from pandoc-goodies or other.


Basic sample CSS.

file description
layout.css Layouting.
base.css Basic design.
skylightning.css Pandoc default Source code CSS
lightbox.css Lightbox theme for lightbox plugin.


ACCS template directory.

Post Generate

Sample Post Plugins.

Configuration file

.accsindex.rb and .pbsimply.yaml are avialable.


JavaScript Plugins.

See README on each file.


You can use sample Themes with merge content to copied sample document directory.


Default theme


Warm colored theme


Basic theme like reports


Typical blog theme


Simplified website building system with Pandoc.




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