C# port of Shields-style badge library.
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C# port of Shields-style badge library and CLI DotBadge



Invoke your commandline shell, and run DotBadge.exe --help.


DotBadge.exe -sb "Downloads" -st "1000" -c "Green" -sl 0 demo1

DotBadge.exe -sb "Build" -st "fail" -c "Red" -sl 0 demo2

DotBadge.exe -sbhttps://github.com/rebornix/DotBadge/edit/master/Readme.md# "Star" -st "234" -c "#ddf" -sl 1 demo3

Nuget package

To integrate the latest DotBadge with your project, run following command in the Package Manager Console:

PM> Install-Package DotBadge


using DotBadge;
using System.IO;

namespace Badge
    class Program
        static void Main(string[] args)
            var bp = new BadgePainter();
            File.WriteAllText(@"C:\Users\peng\Desktop\nuget.svg", bp.DrawSVG("Badge", ".Net", ColorScheme.Red, Style.Flat));