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It's still here!  Just go to the Max subdirectory.

Hello, and thanks for reading.

I have rather a lot of Javascript code that I've written for my music projects
using Max/MSP, and these days, Max For Live.

These include:

- a systematic and easy method for breaking your Javascript into smaller files
  using make and your favorite C compiler.

- a unit testing framework for Javascript code, with many examples of use.

- utilities to perform common Javascript chores on:
  - dictionaries
  - arrays
  - functions

- utilities to create Max objects from a data description.

- a small, light framework for undoable Javascript operations.
  - very useful for live work when you sometimes need to "go back"
  - examples of useful undoables

- utilities to read and write JSON dictionaries to and from files.

- utilities for dealing with Max For Live
  - including an undoable Max For Live operation

- and more

Note that not all of this is here yet!  I'm going to take the opportunity to
clean up a bit as I go, and simply not check in boring code.  If you want some
idea of what's coming, you can see a version from January or so at - but that's only for entertainment purposes and once
all of this is up I'll delete that (and this comment).

Please let me know if you have any questions or problems!

Tom Swirly

LATER NOTE: you will notice some less-documented Max patches in there.  These
are working projects of mine that might be of interest and that wish to keep
a reference version of, but I do not guarantee will continue to exist in a
compatible form in the future.

The Javascript code, particularly the code with tests, is pretty well guaranteed
to continue to work in a compatible fashion in the future.