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Based on Squid pifba

Look first a readme.txt or for an introduction.

Version 0.3 :

  • You can now force joystick index for a player with the configuration line SDLID_[PLAYER]=-1 For example, if you have 3 joysticks on the system (0,1 and 2), the default config will take the first joystick (0) for player1, the second (1) for player 2 etc. Change the line SDLID_1=-1 to SDLID_1=1 and your first first player will be controlled by the second joystick on the system.

Version 0.2 :

  • You can now specify a RotateScreen value in config files. If setted to 1, the screen rotate 90° clockwise.

Version 0.1 :

I added few fixes :

  • You can now configure d-pad per button (in case sdl does not detect the hat on the controller) so it adds the ps3 d-pad control on all games
  • You can now choose a HOTKEY and QUIT Button (I hate accidentally quit with start+select :))
  • You can now pass the configuration file as an argument when you start the program in command line like
./fba2x --configfile configfile.cfg
  • And the last but not least : You can now play in 4 players mode !

Dungeons and Dragons runs great with 3 buddies !

Binary Install

sudo apt-get install libasound2-dev
mkdir pifba
cd pifba

Then go to Execution


Make with :

sudo apt-get install libasound2-dev
git clone
cd pifba
mkdir .obj

It will create the fba2x executable.


Run with :

./fba2x /path/to/rom
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