Utilities for working with binary ESC/POS files
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ESC/POS command-line tools Build Status

This repository provides command-line utilities for extracting information from binary ESC/POS data. ESC/POS is a page description language that is commonly used for receipt printing.

Currently we have a prototype ESC/POS parser, which can extract the commands contained in printable ESC/POS binary data, and render them to various formats.

Quick start

This project is requires:

  • PHP 5.6 or better
  • The mbstring and imagick extensions
  • composer

To install from source:

git clone https://github.com/receipt-print-hq/escpos-tools
cd escpos-tools
composer install

Included utilities


esc2text extracts text and line breaks from binary ESC/POS files.


esc2html converts binary ESC/POS files to HTML.


escimages extracts graphics from binary ESC/POS files in PBM and PNG format.