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This package contains the kconfig frontends and parser.

Kconfig is the configuration language used by the Linux kernel. This package
is a simple copy of the frontends and the parser found in the Linux kernel
source tree, with very minor changes to adapt them to being built out of
the kernel build infrastructure.

This package has been ported to Windows, so the code has been changed to get
it work properly. The package also contains a copy PDCurses with some minor
changes. By now only the following tools have been ported:
 - kconfig-conf
 - kconfig-mconf
 - kconfig-tweak (as a .bat file)

Under non Windows platforms use the original package from:

General Build Instructions

Install MinGW, CMake, and GnuWin32 (using GetGnuWin32).
Add C:\MinGW\bin;C:\gnuwin32\bin to the %Path% environment variable.
Add C:\gnuwin32\include to the %INCLUDE% environment variable.
Add C:\gnuwin32\lib to the %LIB% environemnt variable.

git clone
cd kconfig-frontends-win32
mkdir build
cd build
cmake -G "MinGW Makefiles" ..

cp ./bin/kconfig-mconf.exe c:/gnuwin32/bin/
cp ./bin/kconfig-conf.exe c:/gnuwin32/bin/
cp ../utils/kconfig-tweak.bat c:/gnuwin32/bin
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