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Welcome to the RECON learn project

This GitHub project hosts the sources of the RECON learn platform, live at:

Running a local copy of the website

To run a local copy of this website, you will need a working version of Hugo installed; git clone this repos, then its submodules (used to pull the Hugo theme), and then run hugo on the website:

git clone recon-learn
cd recon-learn
git submodule init
git submodule update
hugo serve -D

How to contribute content?

This RECON learn website uses R Markdown (.Rmd) documents to build markdown (.md) content that Hugo then turns into a nifty website (.html).

For practical details, head out to this step-by-step tutorial about creating posts.

Other topics

Contributing top-level pages

To contribute a page that sits outside of the posts category you can make an .md file (or a .Rmd file so long as you render to .md too). This will then be processed by Hugo along with the other files to build the website.

These files should have at minimum:

date : 2017-11-01
title : About RECON learn

Maintaining package dependencies

This repository has a DESCRIPTION which lists any packages required to manage this package itself, not the packages required to knit the R Markdown files.

To identify and install all the packages needed to build all of the .Rmd files in content/post/, you need to run learn::get_and_update_dependencies(). This will also help find packages on GitHub.

Editing existing content

If you need to change an existing piece of content:

  1. Make the changes to the .Rmd file
  2. Run learn::render_new_rmds_to_md()
  3. Commit and push to the repository


RECON learn: a free, open platform for training material on epidemics analysis





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