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A Wordpress plugin to manage a record label. It runs our record label Records On Ribs.
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admin Further strict mode fixes.
flash Added Flash Player files.
js Open a slightly larger player.
ribcage-includes Do basic variable checking.
templates We already have the information we need.
.gitignore Ignore these on this branch *spoilers* Move to Markdown file.
admin.php Register pages in the correct modern manner.
buy.php Correct otherwise consistent formatting.
composer.json Added a version number.
download.php To parse e-mail addresses in PHPDoc you need to have them in angle br…
index.php Protect ya neck.
player.php Correct URL error.
readme.txt Move to Markdown file.
ribcage.php Fix over greedy regex.
stream.php Added ribcage- to the start of all WP_Error classes generated in the …
widget.php Update the method of creating widgets.


Some of this code is very old and not that great.

For the future of this software, see Thorax, which is under heavy active development.

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