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Open Decision Framework

A community version of the Open Decision Framework


For the past few years at Red Hat, we’ve been grappling with the challenges of growing an open organization and sustaining our culture along the way. One tool we’ve been developing and testing is the Open Decision Framework, a collection of best practices for applying open source principles to business projects and decisions.

The Open Decision Framework contains the collective wisdom of Red Hatters, compiled into a flexible framework that helps decision makers and leaders seek out diverse perspectives and collaborate across teams and geographic areas, to make better decisions.


The Open Decision Framework is available under a Creative Commons CC BY-SA 4.0 license. The content reflects the internal version we use at Red Hat, minus a few links to content on our intranet or other internal websites.


All copyrightable contributions to the Open Decision Framework are accepted under the Creative Commons CC BY-SA 4.0 license.

Modifying and forking

Note: Modified versions must remove all Red Hat branding, unless you are creating an official translation, making a pull request, or offering a suggestion for improving the original.

Available formats

The Open Decision Framework is available in three different formats:

  1. Portable Document Format (.pdf) - best for viewing, sharing, presenting as-is, and printing
  2. LibreOffice Impress (.odp) - best for editing and remixing into your own presentation
  3. Markdown (.md) - best for tracking and submitting proposed changes, translations, etc.


The Open Decision Framework is also available in:


Take a look, and let us know what you think. Feel free to remix it, and share it with project managers, team leaders, and decision-makers in your organization!

If you'd like to submit an idea, please use the markdown version (.md) for easy change tracking.

Related resources

Maturity model assessment: What does the Open Decision Framework look like, in action? What does it look like as you begin to adopt the practices... and later on, as you mature in your capabilities?

Common fact base template A template for creating a "common fact base" - a comprehensive set of information that allows all stakeholders (past, present, and future) to have a shared understanding of important facts and information about a given problem, project, or decision.

Badges Promote your use of the Open Decision Framework with one of our badges.

ODF badge

Real-world examples

See how people apply the Open Decision Framework:


Maintainer: Rebecca Fernandez @ruhbehka

Red Hat contributors (2014 - 2017)

  • DeLisa Alexander
  • Nick Coghlan @ncoghlan
  • Mairin Duffy @mairin
  • Denise Dumas
  • Jiri Eischmann
  • Pedro Zapata Fernandez
  • Rebecca Fernandez @ruhbehka
  • Michal Fojtik @mfojtik
  • Werner Gold
  • Catherine Grable
  • Mike Harvey
  • Jason Hibbets @jhibbets
  • Matt Hicks @matthicksj
  • Tiffany Hill
  • Cameron Kelly
  • George Kendley
  • Travis Kepley
  • Sam Knuth
  • Gina Likins @lintqueen
  • Wendy Maimone
  • Heather Marks
  • Alexis Monville @alexismonville
  • Pavel Moravec @pmoravec
  • Alexandre Oliva
  • Harish Pillay @harishpillay
  • Maria Puig
  • Mason Sanders
  • Danny Seaton
  • Lindsey Shiver
  • Nichole Skjerbek
  • Bryan Smith
  • Michael Hideo Smith
  • Stephen Smoogen @smooge
  • Beth Tupper
  • Chris Ward @kejbaly2
  • Ric Wheeler
  • Jackie Yeaney

Community Contributors

  • Ben Cotton
  • Chad Whitacre @whit537

Translation Contributors

  • Etienne Bersac
  • Damien Clochard
  • Bruno Jean @brunojean
  • Michael Scherer @mscherer
  • Sanpii @sanpii
  • Pierre-Louis Bonicoli @pilou-
  • Antonella Iecle @antuz77
  • Paolo Bonzini @bonzini
  • Gian Luca Rivalta @grivalta
  • Guenter Herold @herold74
  • Joachim Schroeder @joschro
  • Camila Granella @camgranella
  • Alice Eunhyoo Lim
  • Claire Jung
  • Edwin Noh
  • Sally HeeKyung Sung